Oct 292015
80 Year Old Man Is Awesome At Guitar

As they say, age is just a number. Bob Wood is eighty years old, but he doesn’t let his age stop him from rocking and rolling. This clip of Bob ripping the guitar has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Oct 272015
Trapped Commuters Turn Long Train Wait Into Dance Party

Probably the only thing worse than taking a long trip on the train to work is getting stuck on said train. That’s exactly what happened to a group of unlucky commuters traveling in the morning from Queens to Manhattan. Gregwong captured snippets of the stressful two hour wait on his iPhone, but once they were finally rescued, the commuters made lemonade out of their big basket of lemons and started a hip hop dance party.


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Oct 272015
Can You Really Shatter A Wine Glass With Your Voice

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where a a wine glass shatters due to a loud noise or scream. But is that even possible? Voice coach and singer Jaime Vendera demonstrates in this clip that actually, yes, it is possible. 


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Oct 262015
Trying To Answer Adele’s Phone Call

Adele has finally debuted a new hit single, titled Hello, at the start of the weekend. It’s no surprise it has instantly gone viral across the Web. Francis Higgins decided to have some fun with the new song, and made this humorous parody in which he attempts to answer Adele’s phone call. Stop calling me already! You’ve got the wrong number!


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Oct 242015
Grandparents Recreate UP In Real Life

Most people who turned on the popular Pixar animated film UP never expected to become teary eyed so quickly. But that’s exactly what happened when we saw the romantic story unfold. Jason Lyle Black‘s grandparents have been together for most of their lives. In honor of their anniversary, the two 80 year old recreated the iconic music from UP on the piano together. This emotional video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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