Apr 232012

Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single Call Me Maybe has been slowly evolving into a viral sensation. First, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and others all made a fun dance music video to the song that went viral.

Now a new viral video has emerged of Katy Perry and her friends lip syncing and dancing to the smash hit. The week old video already has over half a million views, and is featured on Billboard,


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Apr 222012

Popular YouTube musician and producer  has returned to the web with his latest cover video with collaboration from The Royal Sons.

Together, they perform an epic medley mix of OneRepublic’s most popular songs, Apologize, Good Life, Secrets, and Stop and Share.


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Apr 222012

While on tour for his band Tenacious D, Jack Black stumbled upon two kids playing the Jimi Hendrix classic All Along The Watch Tower in Cathedral Square.

After seeing such true rock and roll in its raw form, Jack knew what he had to do. He invited Black Tear to open later that evening. As expected, the audience loved it! 

The video is an excerpt from A Tenacious D Documentary


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Apr 212012

In honor of Earth Day, the nature conscious health and beauty products company  teamed up with composer Diego Stocco to create a piece of music entirely made from nature. Diego knocked on wood, rustled leaves, poured rice, and more to make a one of a kind, literally natural sound. The video is featured on CBSNews-TheFeed


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Apr 202012

Making music with multiple floppy drives is nothing new. What else is the now archaic technology good for anyways?

But  took things to the next level with his floppy drive ‘symphony’ playing the classic James Bond 007 theme song


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