Jan 272013

Web favorite The Lonely Island started off as a small name on SNL with Andy Samberg as the leader. Now, they have grown a huge following, with over 2.8 million fans on YouTube alone. 

For their latest piece, they mock the newly trending acronym YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once. The younger generation commonly uses the new slang as an excuse when making impulsive and/or stupid life decisions. 

Instead, Kiv, Andy, and Jorm sing about how careful one should be as you only have one precious life. Super pop stars Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar guest star in the music video that has instantly gone viralviral. 


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Jan 252013

Interestingly enough, the KPop sensation Gangnam style seemed to finally cease just as 2013 rolled around. But a straggler has appeared, and it’s a cutey.

John Karam‘s adorable seven month old baby naturally loves to watch the outrageous music video like everyone else. The little kid is a such a fan, he has learned to perform the famous ‘horse trot’ dance, even if he’s on the floor. 

The video has already accumulated  over 1.25 million views in just one week. It has even bee picked up and covered by ABCNews, NYDailyNews, WebProNews, DigitalJournal, and Mirror.


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Jan 242013

The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stomp are both on top of the online string musicians world, each with over one million YouTube subscribers. 

That being the case, they have decided to collaborate for the latest piece. Together, they beautifully cover the classic Mission: Impossible theme music, and have already collected over 150,000 views in two days. 


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Jan 242013

Maniacal 4 is an internationally acclaimed trombone quartet that has performed across three continents. Their only popular trombone cover of Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas has started to trend again this week, and is featured on UpRoxx, CBSNews, Wimp, and LaughingSquid.


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Jan 232013

Remember when Barack Obama went viralviral singing the first verse to Al Green’s soulful classic Let’s Stay Together?

Well, now that his second term has just been locked in, the auto tune masters at Schmoyoho just had to celebrate, so they teamed up with equally respected Barack’s Dubs.

Together, they created this spot-on auto tune remix video which seemingly shows the President of the United States finishing the song he started so long ago.


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