Jan 012013
Dog Sings Along With Auld Lang Syne

Everyone knows the tune, but not many know the name of Auld Lang Syne, the official unofficial song played at the stroke of midnight at countless New Year’s Eve parties. 

Apparently, even Sierra the dog of Singing Dogs knows the tune as she howls along with his owner playing the horn in this now viral video.

The video was published in November, but naturally is going viral now in honor of New Year’s. It is also featured on InquisitrTastefullyO, NowMSN, and DailyOfTheDay


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Dec 312012

NSFW Warning- One F Bomb is dropped. 

Let’s go into the new year with a bang, like this awesome Asian dude who got on stage at a Green Day concert. Billy let him say a few words into the mike, and all the dude could muster was, “Billy F—ing Joe?! Are you kidding me?”

Then, with the support of Billy Joe, he jumped off the stage into the crowd.

The two year old video by Zigabid is trending now more than ever. 


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Dec 312012

Like so many before him, Ryan James Yezak has made an end of the year wrap up video. But his piece is more than just a list of popular videos or events. 

No, he started from January first, and painted an amazing living mural of the past 364 days with MONSTA blasting in the background, blending the entire year of pop, politics, news, and entertainment into one intense, four minute, Dubstep pumping energy shot. 

2012 In 4 Minutes is quickly going viralviral, especially after getting a boost from Buzzfeed, Atlantic, and HuffPost


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Dec 312012

Melody Sheep, the popular auto-tuning remix nerd, has returned to the web with another dose of nerdy awesomeness. For his latest piece, he collaborated with the UK’s Channel 4 2012:Mashed special to celebrate the discovery of the Higgs boson particle. The music video is getting a viral kick start on TheDailyWhat, Devour, and Blippitt


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Dec 262012

Remember when retro-techy BD594 went viralviral with their Somebody That I Used To Know cover using old computer technology? Now, that parody video has over 3.3 million views

Well, they are back with another pop music cover using the same equipment; this time, they took on Fun’s hit single We Are Young.


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