Jul 242012

Riding on the success of their first hyper-viralviral Disney spoof of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beat has just released their second Disney parody. 

Cinder-Fella, which is obviously a play on Cinderella, is a short musical about a young boy forced to clean for his mean step-mom and step-sisters. The short not only spoofs Disney, but also current pop music, with familiar tunes like Firework, Where Have You BeenTurn Up The Music and more being heard. 

Kimberly Cole even makes a guest appearance in the ‘legalize love’ video that has an obvious pro-LGBT flavor. 


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Jul 232012

George Dennehy is like all other musicians in the world. He loves music and wants to make people happy with talent. But one thing separates him for his guitar playing peers. He has no arms. 

But that didn’t stop him from following his dreams, and he now plays guitar with his feet. And he’s pretty good too. 

His performance of Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls at the Strawberry Faire last June has just gone viral now after being featured on Reddit.  


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Jul 232012

 teamed up with Victoria JusticeMax Schneider, and all his other musical YouTube friends to create an awesome Maroon 5 Medley video a while back, and now the crew is returning for a second helping!

It’s a live lyric video, so keep an eye out for the lyrics in the video, because every word is written down in the video somewhere. 


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Jul 222012

Electronic Dubstep that those city kids listen to may be the furthest genre from country music, but this redneck, played by Bryan Mullins, loves it. 

In his obligatory camouflage wife beater and cut away short shorts jeans, he dances a crazy, psychedlic Dubstep dance fueled by his water downed hill billy beer. 

The video published by  has garnered over 47,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Jul 212012

The fun and ridiculous Barack-Obama-singing-pop-song videos continue to be published by the editing and lip dubbing masters at . The channel is famous for its viral hits like Obama “singing” Call Me Maybe and Born This Way

Now, Obama does his very best cover of the British boy band summer hit single What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. 


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