Aug 092012

 is arguably one of the most popular musicians on YouTube today. For his latest project, he spent nearly five hours animating a stop motion music video with only Microsoft Excel as his paint brush. 

Naturally, he has gone viral.


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Aug 082012

CDZA , the online musical group known for their out of this world musical adaptations, took to the streets of Brooklyn for their latest project.

With a cello, violin, and a few surprises, they had people in the streets ‘operate’ the band by dropping change in the available jars that ranged from ‘fast forward’ to ‘Michael Jackson.’ 

They dubbed the concept The Human Jukebox, and the video is already featured on YouTubeTrends, NOWmsn, DailyOfTheDay, LaughingSquid, and CBSNews

Can it get anymore hipster than this? Good thing most of the people watching on the street weren’t actually watching the show, but rather live Tweeting it like any good hipster should


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Aug 062012

Sam Tsui and  again have teamed up to deliver a pop song cover of epic proportions. Their cover of Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia cover has just blasted off and is on its way to the top of the YouTube music charts


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Aug 042012

Remember ‘way back’ in January when Canadian indy band  went viralviral with their unique cover of the not yet so well known Gotye hit, Somebody That I Used To Know, that had their entire band playing on just one guitar?

They even made it on some TV shows, and Ellen jokingly commented how, “It’s a good thing y’all don’t play ukulele, y’all are really crammed in there.”

Well, The Waffle Stompers are up for the ukulele challenge. The six member band crowded around a tiny ukulele, and performed the hit Gotye song to perfection on the tiny string instrument. 


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Aug 032012

Michael and Justin have been good friends and musical partners for years now. Since being online since 2009, the duo have amassed over 180,000 subscribers. 

For their latest cover song, they mixed a little bit of the past with the present, mashing up Justin Bieber’s new hit As Long As You Love Me with the same named song by 90′s boy band sensation The Backstreet Boys. 


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