Jun 102012

Popular cover group  took things back to the millennium covering the 90′s pop group Backstreet Boys. They perform a spot on acoustic cover of I Want It That Way that already has over 13,000 likes. 


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Jun 102012

It’s been five minutes, so it’s already past the time for another parody music video of Gotye’s hit single Somebody That I Used To Know

The latest artist to go viral is  after publishing this meme heavy rage faces music video of the pop song that already has 900,000 views. 


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Jun 082012

The Internet has been obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen and her hit single Call Me Maybe recently. Jimmy Fallon is a little late to the party, but he brought the big guns. 

Along with his TV band The Roots and Carly Rae herself, Jimmy and the rest all performed a very special version of Call Me Maybe with ‘classroom instruments.’

The brand new video is already featured on Mashable, HuffintonPost, and NYMagVulture


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Jun 072012

Two weeks ago, Isaac went viral with his live lip-dub marriage proposal music video to Marry Me by Bruno Mars.

Naturally, as this is the Internet, there is now a spot on parody created by  for the exact opposite occasion. Divorce.  

The parody is featured on HuffingtonPost, TheDailyWhat, and MostWatched


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