Oct 192012

It doesn’t matter how many times it’s been done. When out of the blue at a local market place people start collecting classical instruments and begin playing John William‘s world famous theme music for Star Wars, people stop and watch. 

And when viewers see the story online, they watch as well, helping to launch this  published video to amass over 400,000 views in just a week. The video is further featured on AndPop, Mashable, and TheSun.


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Oct 192012

Being approached by a drunk guy in the park late at night isn’t that uncommon. But KtheScreamer‘s London friend Logan  had a much more rare encounter late at the park that has now gone viralviral. 

While walking home after a show earlier that night, a drunk dude approached the group of friends and asked Logan to teach him a song. Logan agreed, not knowing that this drunk was a hidden musical gem.  

Though published on Wednesday, the magical video only went viral today after being featured on popular sites like TheDailyWhat, Reddit, and HyperVocal


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Oct 182012

NSFW Warning – language bombs. 

The Internet only grows and grows. Just a few years ago, a million view viral video was a once a week event. Now, videos are going viral at this very moment.

French remix artist  has once again compiled a whole slew of both popular oldies and recent viral videos, and thankfully didn’t just cut them up together to into another boring supercut.

No, instead he paints a magical Viral Video Story, and connects the viral videos together.

Almost as if the 69 videos are all related somehow, like they all live in the same apartment building in cyberspace YouTube Land, and are all having a BBQ on the roof. And everyone is just melding so well right now. 


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Oct 172012

With literally hundreds of thousands of musicians and performers on YouTube, one must truly shine to become noticed. Lucky for , she was born a natural star. 

The brand new online singer just debuted her own channel last month, and already has over 400,000 video views. On Twitter, she has over 230,000 followers

The tiny diva, who is already being compared to Rihanna by some, showcases her powerful and fiery voice in her cover of Jessie J’s Mamma Knows Best that has started to trend. 


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Oct 162012

With Halloween just around the corner, goblins and ghosts are on people’s minds.  was thinking about his favorite ghost movie, Ghostbusters, and realized a familiar beat from the recent viral music video originating from Korea, Gangnam Style.

Naturally, the remix artist expertly mashed the two musical numbers together for a one of a kind beat. The week old video already has over 175,000 views, and is featured on HuffPost, Neatorama, and BuzzFeed


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