Jan 192013

Make up focused Makeup By Victor was travelling on the subway away from Times Square like millions of other people when they encountered a not-so-common person. 

It was comedy and beatbox artist Verbal Ase and he was performing his famous Spongebob beat box song wearing a big speaker.

After his song, he performed subway-themed stand up comedy that anyone who’s taken public transportation before will appreciate. Even some of the passengers laugh, a difficult feat in the Big Apple.  


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Jan 182013

Glee is trending online as the weekend begins, and not for good reasons. Apparently, their latest cover of Baby Got Back sounds just a little too similar to Jonathan Coultan’s arrangement of the 1990’s one hit wonder.

Actually, it’s nearly impossible to argue that Glee didn’t completely rip off the song.

And others are paying attention. Already, the newly published cover by Glee has an over 95% negative rating. Popular websites like Wired, Salon, TheVerge, UpRoxx, and DailyDot are also covering the fiasco. 

With the way today’s world is so interconnected, you’d think someone working at Glee would realize openly stealing someone else’s arrangement would be a bad idea. There’s no taking this back Glee.   


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Jan 182013

On all the American Got Factor talent TV shows, only a few special singers stick out of the crowd enough to garner attention online. The ten millionth season of American Idol just debuted, and already, Cuban born Lazaro Arbos is going viralviral

He moved to Florida when he was ten, but even before then dealing with the challenges of immigration, he was already struggling with a heavy stammer. 

The three judges of American Idol and Nicki Minaj sympathized with Lazaro when he told his story, but all seemed ready to dismiss him.

That was until he started singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon and Garfunkel. His stutter completely ceased to exist. All four judges said yes together while Lazaro appropriately teared up. 


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Jan 172013

Thift Shop by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewish continues to trend online. The latest to cover the popular rap track is popular violinist Lindsey Stirling in collaboration with vocalist Tyler Ward. In one day, the duo have already harvested over 300,000 visits.   


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