Dec 122012

Remember the nerdy White Kid Beat Boxer that went viral just a year ago?

Well it looks like he has continued his beat boxing career, or he has an equally talented twin, because this video by C. Smith of a white boy dropping another awesome beat has just started to trend again.

Gosh do they look similar. 


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Dec 112012

In honor of the holidays and the 2012 year coming to an end, KlickHealth created this ultimate internet memes viral videos mash up. Over 200 memes and viral videos from the past few years are featured in this cute Hello music video that has started to trend. 

How many do you recognize? Find enough and you could win!


Thanks Glenn!

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Dec 112012

Little Christian Bottger has the dance bug. Lucky for him, his dad is the Buccaneers Video Production Manager Ed Bottger, so he has an in to dance with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders.

He’s been joining the beautiful dance crew this season, and now has become somewhat of a YouTube sensation. 

This new video of Christian, aka Captain Fear, dancing to familiar pop hit beats already has over 200,000 views, is covered on Buccaneers, YardBarker, DailyPicks, and CafeMom.


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Dec 112012

Cateura, Paraguay is a slum built on a landfill. The people don’t have much, and the children have even less. But they do have one thing. 

Garbage. And lots of it. Thankfully, the people have become recycle masters, especially the children. 

Landfill Harmonic is a movie focused on the music and the instruments made by theses special kids, and now this new teaser trailer has over 150,000 views


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Dec 102012

You know your YouTube channel has ‘made it’ when the one and only Snoop Diggity Dogg himself stars in one of your videos.

That’s exactly the case for Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, the creators of Epic Rap Battles Of History.

The popular rap series, which pins two famous faces against one another in an epic rap battle, currently has over two million subscribers, and is one of YouTube’s most popular channels. 

So it’s actually not that surprising that Snoop Lion agreed to guest star as Moses in a rap battle against Santa Claus, played by Nice Peter. 

It’s kind of obvious, for many reasons, that Moses won this battle, just like he always did in the past. 


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