Feb 292012

One of YouTube’s most popular string cover group  return with their latest art piece. They perform the two timeless classics, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Simple Gifts, perfectly with a beautiful piano-cello duet.  


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Feb 262012

In this video, Aussie cover band  performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin Bieber. They ‘sang’ What Makes You Beautiful and Baby with just laughter. As in only with ‘haha’s and ‘hoho’s. Somehow, they pull it off beautifully. 


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Feb 252012

This cover video by Pianist  from 2011 went almost entirely unnoticed until suddenly going viral yesterday, most likely because the Foo Fighters themselves featured the cover on their Facebook page. The fantastic piano cover of the Foo Fighters’ famous hit Everlong now has 400,000 views and is still rapidly climbing.


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