Aug 032012

Teddie Films teamed up with  to published this spot on C3p0 Star Wars themed parody of Justin Bieber’s hit single Boyfriend.

The video parody has quickly gone viral, being featured on YouTubeTrends, Neatorama, and Gizmodo.  


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Aug 022012

Music at the ball park is just as important as the peanuts, hot dogs, and souvenirs. But home plate hyper sensitive umpire Mario Seneca at the Daytona Cubs game in Fort Myers didn’t appreciate the ‘music man’ playing the classic tune Three Blind Mice on the organ

He was so offended by the implied ‘musical insult’ that he ejected music man Derek Dye, and demanded no music and no PA announcements for the remainder of the game.

What a Negative Nancy. 

And yes, apparently the ump does in fact has the authority to eject the PA guy.

The video has instantly gone viral, being featured on WashingtonPost, TheBlaze, Reddit, and HuffPost.


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Aug 022012

We all know Americans, and really the whole Western World is obsessed with pop music. And even though it’s been proven that pop music is really all the same, people still just can’t get enough. 

So just how obsessed is everyone? The Internet’s list professionals at  shows us in their latest video, 10 Disappointing Facts About Pop Music, just how far we’ve gone.


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Aug 012012

Leave it to a manly nerd to take something as domestic as laundry to honor the powerful Lord Vader. While doing the family laundry, this nerd couldn’t help but notice the buttons played some familiar notes.

With enough practice he’s mastered the famous, dark theme music for the most powerful Sith ever, Darth Vader. 

The video has recently started to trend, and is featured on LaughingSquid, Buzzfeed, and Neatorama


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