Feb 212014
Traffic Reporter Performs “Just Don’t Go” Traffic Cover Of “Let It Go”

There have been countless covers of the award winning song Let It Go from Disney’s latest animated feature film Frozen, but this is a first!

Traffic reporter Bob Herzog of WKRC Cincinnati has rejuvenated the hit song by performing a hilarious traffic-themed cover, appropriately titled Just Don’t Go.  

With record levels of snow this season, the song couldn’t be more relevant. 


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Feb 212014
Two Cello Cover Of ‘Thunderstruck’ Surprisingly Rocks

Can the cello really do justice covering the rocking AC/DC hit Thunderstruck? Apparently, yes!

String musical duo Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2CELLOS covers the rock song in this new music video, and perform unthinkable rock and roll magic.


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Feb 192014
Toddler Instantly Tears Up Listening To Mom’s Wedding Song In The Cutest Way Possible

Remember the baby who quickly became emotional listening to her mom sing? That video stands with over 30 million views!

Diana‘s precious two year old is also quite emotional. 

When she showed her daughter her wedding slideshow and played her wedding song Feels Like Home, her daughter instantly began to tear up in the cutest way possible. 

It really is a sad song. 


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Feb 192014
Alphabetical Tongue Twister Rap Will Blow You Away

Mac Lethal has made a name for himself as one of the fastest rappers online

His latest song Alphabet Insanity truly lives up to the name. He performs an inconceivable tongue twister rap from A to Z that only gets faster and faster. 

He even admits it took him 67 takes to get it right. 

Just be warned some of the lyrics aren’t kid friendly. 


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Feb 192014
The Piano Guys Cover ‘Let It Go’

The Internet has been obsessing over Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen ever since the song hit the Web. 

Now, the prominent string musical group The Piano Guys has decided to rejuvenate the song by melding it with Vivaldi’s Winter

Not only is their musical cover beautiful, but the video is also breathtaking. 

The best part? There’s no green screen. All of the snow and ice is real. 


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