Jul 282015
31 Rock Songs In 1 Minute Compilation

Some rock songs can be identified by just a few guitar chords. That’s how ingrained into the culture they are. Rocker Rob Scallon pays homage to 31 famous rock songs by mashing together a few chords from each song into one epic compilation


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Jul 282015
Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Have An Epic Lip Sync Battle

Even though it’s a weekly show now, there’s really only one place to catch an epic lip sync battle, and that’s on The Tonight Show. In the latest episode in the series, Jimmy Fallon has an outrageous lip sync battle with Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise with music like Can’t Feel My Face and You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling. Ya, this is gonna be everywhere by the morning. 


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Jul 272015
Dancer At Festival Steals The Show During Uptown Funk

Most people are too embarrassed to really let go and dance to the music at a concert or festival. But not Fred Rawicz. When his favorite song comes on, he let it all flow. At this year’s T In The Park festival in Perthshire, Scotland, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars came on and Fred started dancing. Now, this epic dance video by Patrick de waard has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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Jul 242015
Musician Playing Tuba During KKK March Is Hilarious

For decades, the tuba, and it’s sibling wind instrument the sousaphone, have been the musical versions of fat, dumb, and stupid. So to protest a KKK march in Columbia, South Carolina, Matt Buck decided to grab his sousaphone and play it with the marchers. Now, this hilarious video has gone viral with over 5 million views!


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Jul 222015
Miss Piggy Sings Rihanna’s Better Have My Money Music Video

Creating a ridiculous music video in which the Muppets or some other cartoon characters seem to sing a pop song is nothing new. But the folks at the New York Magazine took this idea to the next level by putting together this music video featuring Miss Piggy singing Rihanna’s latest smash hit B**** Better Have My Money. It’s no surprise this clip already has over one million views!


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