Jul 142013

Miley no doubt wanted her new music video for We Can’t Stop to be edgy and artsy. But instead, what she ended up with was simply creepy, weird, and disturbing.

She has already been parodied multiple times before, and now its popular YouTuber Shane Dawson‘s turn to mock the popular pop princess. 

Already, his newly commissioned spoof of We Can’t Stop has garnered over 1.2 million views since debuting over the weekend. 


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Jul 122013

Naturally, a new music video debut from Britney Spears is bound to go viral.

Her music video Ooh La La features CGI Smurfs as the song is apart of the new film Smurfs 2, debuting July 31. Already, the new song has amassed over 4 million hits.  


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Jul 112013

Daft Punk’s latest hit single Get Lucky continues to trend online with no apparent end in sight. 

The latest spoof of the hit tech song featuring Pharrell comes from YouTuber Is This How You Go Viral. The crew put together this adorable Sesame Street music video synced up with the song, with Grover, Ernie, and the rest of the Sesame Street crew partying it up.

Santiago Palacio Gómez agrees with the publishers name, saying, “Yes, this is how yo go viral!”

Now, the week old video has gone viral, and is even featured on BuzzFeed, Fark, Dose, and UpRoxx.  


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Jul 102013

To promote their annual free Slurpee giveaway on the 11th of July, 7-11 commissioned YouTube famous Nathan Barnatt to take the company into the Internet world, and perform the ‘Slurpee Dance.’ 

As expected, he dances in seemingly inhuman ways and acts a fool with outrageous visuals and Dubstep music blasting.


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