Mar 262014
Band Turns Happy Songs Sad And Sad Songs Happy With Simple  Trick

What makes a happy song ‘happy’ and a sad song ‘sad’?

The music masters of Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, have figured out how to change a happy song into a sad one and vice-versa, just by slightly altering the tempo and key, and changing the music video. 

Listen as they transform Dark Horse and Dream On into happy tunes, while turning Empire State and Happy into sad songs. 


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Mar 252014
High Five Camera Will Put A Smile On Your Face

‘s latest invention won’t cure disease or make him a millionaire. Still, his High Five Camera is putting smiles on people’s faces. 

Using an Arduino Yun controller and a GoPro, he was able to create a camera that started recorded right before he gave a stranger a high five. 

His resulting high five music video is guaranteed to make you smile. 


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Mar 232014
One Guy Sings In 14 Voices

Remember the One Girl, 14 Genres video that went viral last week? Sara managed to amass over 3 million views since then!

Singer Roomie was inspired to make a similar video from Sara’s viral video. 

In his video, One Guy, 14 Voices, he sings like Maroon 5, John Legend, Passenger, and other famous singers and bands!


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Mar 212014
Pregnancy Time Lapse Music Video Is Super Sweet

For nine long months, musician Tom Fletcher took a photo of his wife everyday during her pregnancy. 

That’s been done before, but Tom has topped all other pregnancy videos by creating a music video from their time lapse.

He performs a special song for his son and wife, titled Something New, while she grows bigger and bigger until finally, little Buzz is here. 

Now, their adorable music video is going viral and already has over 600,000 hits!


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Mar 202014
Singer Covers Katy Perry’s Dark Horse In 20 Different Music Styles

Brand new music channel Ten Second Songs has instantly gone viral with their debut video.

The singer doesn’t just cover Katy Perry‘s hit single Dark Horse in one way. He performs the song in a mix of 20 different iconic styles, such as N Sync, Pavarotti, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more!


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