Oct 112013
Kanye And Kimmel: Paparazzi Auto Tune Music Video

After their silly feud, Kanye West was invited onto Jimmy Kimmel Live to hash things out.

While they were watching the interview, auto-tune masters Schmoyoho couldn’t help but notice how musical Kanye was speaking. 

With just a little editing and auto-tuning, they created this song Kanye and Kimmel: Paparazzi from the late night footage. 


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Oct 102013
What The Fox Say On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Norwegian pop sensation What The Fox Say by comedy group Ylvis is still on top of the Internet charts. The crazy music video now stands with over 100 million views!

That made the group a perfect candidate to guest star on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They performed their hit single live in different outfits to create an eye-popping television production. 


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Oct 102013
Archer Danger Zone Top Gun Homage

What Generation X or Y-er doesn’t have the Top Gun theme song Danger Zone burned into their memory?

Knowing this, popular FX animated show Archer made this special Top Gun-themed homage that is going viral after being featured on Reddit


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Oct 092013
Miley Cyrus And The Roots Sing “We Can’t Stop” A Cappela On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Miley Cyrus just visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and naturally performed a special musical piece as Jimmy is such an avid music lover. 

She, Jimmy, and house band The Roots sang a special a cappella cover of her latest pop sensation We Can’t Stop that has instantly caught viral fire online. 


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