Jan 282014
Guy Learns To Dance In A Year

A wise man once said, “all beginnings are hard.” 

Neiland couldn’t dance for the life of him, but always dreamed of moving to the groove while listening to Michael Jackson. 

Finally, something in his heart inspired him to start practicing, and for a year, he pushed himself to dance. 

This is his journey

“I hope this video inspires you to do things that you really want to do.”


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Jan 282014
‘Official Lyric Video’ Spoofs All Lyrics Music Videos

You know that feeling too well. While surfing online, you’re thrilled to discover your favorite band or artist has just debuted a new music video!

But wait! It’s not a real music video, it’s just an ‘official lyric video.’

What a let down. 

Comedy channel Barely Political pokes fun at all lyrics videos in this new hilarious parody, appropriately titled Official Lyric Video


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Jan 252014
Swedish Marines Cover ‘Greased Lightning’ In Hilarious Lip Dub Music Video

There’s a lot of down time while serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan.

So what can the soldiers do to pass the time?

This platoon of marines from Sweden were so bored, they perfectly covered the iconic Greased Lightning song from Grease in this hilarious lip dub music video. 


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Jan 232014
‘Help Me’ Pop Song Seems To Parody Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been in the news more recently for serious mischief bordering on crime. Now, he has just been arrested on DUI charges.  

Trevor Moore of The Whitest Kids U’ Know seems to poke fun at Bieber’s legacy as a young pop prince who is forced to perform and make the studios big money in this new music video, titled Help Me


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Jan 222014
Hungarian Music Video Parfüm Demonstrates How Drastic Photoshop Is In Real Time

Computer retouching programs like Photoshop have changed the way the world perceives beauty. It has set our standards beyond what is humanly possible.

Hungarian singer Boggie demonstrates just how powerful and drastic ‘shopping is in her new viral music video Parfüm.

Viewers can watch in real time as she is literally transformed into a different person as the song progresses using common Photoshop techniques.

The video has already amassed over 950,000 hits.


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