Oct 022013
Mom ‘Quits’ Her Stay-At-Home-Mother Job With Dance To Kanye A La Marina Shifrin

A new trend may be emerging online.

After Marina Shifrin quit her job with a dance video to Kanye’s Gone and went viral across the web, her company quickly parodied her original video

After being inspired by Marina Shifrin, stay at home mother Brenna Jennings is now trending for ‘quitting’ her mom job with a similar dance video

The video has already scooped up over 100,000 views, and is featured on Mommyshorts, HuffingtonPost, and CafeMom

The concept is cute and all, but please Internet, don’t let this turn into another Harlem Shake


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Oct 012013
Boyce Avenue And Bea Miller Cover We Can’t Stop

Popular musical group Boyce Avenue teamed up with X-Factor contestant Bea Miller to cover the latest hit song to sweep the web, We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. 

Already, the cover music video has amassed over 1.5 million views in just one day. 


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Sep 302013
CheerSounds ‘Dream Big’ Music Video Features Impressive Cheerleading Acrobatics

Cheerleading has evolved from simply cheering the home team on to an intensely competitive sport. This is no more evident than in this new music video by Cheer Sounds Music

The hit rap song is accompanied by truly incredible cheerleading moves and acrobatics. 

This isn’t your high school level cheerleading. This is cheerleading taken to the max! 

Read more on HuffingtonPost, Neatorama, and DailyPicks


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Sep 302013
Girl Quits Job By Making Kanye Dance Video At Work

Like most people around the world, Marina Shifrin gave everything she had to her job, but it simply wasn’t enough for her boss. 

Finally, she decided to quit. As her job circled around making popular online videos with high view counts, she decided to make a quit video of her own.

At work.

At 4:30 in the morning.

Dancing to Kanye

Shifrin posted the video over the weekend, and now the clip has exploded online this Monday morning. Already, the dance video has garnered over a quarter million views, and counting!

She has already been featured by HeraldSun, NewsAU, Reddit, and HuffPost


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Sep 282013
‘Dumb Ways To Die’ GTA V Parody

Back in 2012, the Australian Metro went viral with their cutesy music video, Dumb Ways To Die. 

Naturally, countless spoofs and parodies emerged. 

Now, with the current obsession of Grand Theft Auto, gamer obsessed brysi has brought the trend back and made this humorous GTA V-themed Dumb Way To Die spoof music video that is trending. 


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