Dec 182013
Christmas Face Music Video

My Drunk Kitchen famous Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig of Daily Grace teamed up with Rhett & Link for this very special, and very odd, Christmas music video. 

Mamrie HartBenny Fine, and DeStorm also make quick cameos in the ridiculous and eye-popping video, titled Christmas Face


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Dec 182013
John Mayer And Katy Perry Who You Love Music Video

How do you get more spotlight as a musician these days? Collaborate with Katy Perry of course. 

Acoustic blues rocker John Mayer made just that decision and teamed up with the Roar artist for his newest song Who You Love

And his strategy seemed to have worked as the new video is trending with over 1.5 million views already. 


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Dec 182013
Fangirls Rendition Of Jingle Bells

Geeky fangirl queen Only Leigh made this very special cover of the Christmas classic Jingle Bells to honor all of her favorite pop culture shows and series for the holidays. She’s especially excited for Sherlock season 3, Hunger Games, and Doctor Who.  


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Dec 162013
Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Music Video

Christmas is for friends and family. But what about all those office coworkers and acquaintances we see on a daily basis?

Musical comedian Jon Lajoie explains what nearly everyone gives them in this humorous song. They send a Christmas text.

They might even punctuate with an exclamation point. 

Merry Christmas!


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Dec 142013
christmas jammies

To promote their new media website, VisitTheGreenRoom, Penn and Kim Holderness used their production powers to make this adorable 21st century Christmas ‘card.’

Mom, dad, and their two kids star in the cheesy Christmas-themed spoof of Will Smith’s Miami, and rap about their holiday jammies. They also drop plenty of plugs for their careers, but the web seems OK with that for now. 



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