Oct 172013
Kid President Auto-Tune ‘The World Can Be Better’

Auto-Tune The News famous Schmoyoho used their musical magic to ‘songify’ SoulPancake‘s adorable Kid President.

What can be more inspiring than KP’s ultra viral pep talk? How about an auto-tune version!

The Gregory Brothers just debuted the musical masterpiece, titled The World Can Be Better, which has instantly caught viral fire. 


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Oct 172013
Awolnation ‘Sail’ Halloween Light Show Music Video

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when people create outrageous and elaborate light show decorations on their homes set to music to impress their neighbors, but more to garner viral views on YouTube

It seems light show master Treehorn89 is the early bird this year, already debuting his new Halloween light show for the season set to AWOLNATION‘ hit single Sail


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Oct 162013
Jacob Collier Covers ‘Don’t You Worry About A Thing’ By Himself

British musician and vocalist Jacob Collier has gone viral with his impressive cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, Don’t You Worry About A Thing

Using no auto-tuning whatsoever, Jacob impressively performed all parts of the song himself, from the vocals to the percussions. 

The clip has already garnered over 100,000 views, and has appeared on Yahoo, DailyDot, and UniqueDaily


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Oct 152013
Amazing Japanese Paper Stop Motion Music Video

This music video published by P-VINE,Inc. for Japanese singer Shugo Tokumaru‘s single Katachi is truly one of a kind. The music is complemented by amazing stop motion art made one frame at a time from simple pieces of paper. 


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Oct 142013
‘Chinese Food’ Music Video By Alison Gold Is The New ‘Friday’

Whenever a teeny bopper stars in a music video their affluent parents financed, the web can only think of one meme: The dreaded Friday by Rebecca Black

So it’s no surprise the web is screaming Rebecca Black 2.0 after seeing this new music video starring Alison Gold. 

The same despised Ark Music Factory that delivered the likes of It’s Thanksgiving and Hot Problems, has cursed the Internet again with Chinese Food

Like the viral music videos before it, the somewhat offensive, and overall horrible song is quickly going viral for being so bad-it’s good. The video is already featured on UpRoxx, DeathAndTaxes, and EntertainmentOnline


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