Jan 142014
Oh, It’s Fantastic By Gregory Brothers, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tony Danza

The Gregory Brothers of Schmoyoho collaborated with Joseph Gordon Levitt to put together this hit number for Joseph’s new musical variety TV show Hit Record.

Tony Danza and Joseph perform the song, Oh, It’s Fantastic, live, with a mix of animation added later. 


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Jan 092014
Thirty Year Old Parody Of Royals By Lorde

Molly Dworsky and her friends went to Hopkins High School where the Hopkins Royals were their pride. 

Now they are 30 year olds, and are missing the carefree high school life. Mortgages, healthcare, kids, it’s a lot of work.

Naturally, they put together this perfect music video parody of Lorde’s hit single Royals where they exclaim their frustrations. 


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Jan 082014
Snoop Lion’s Get Away Music Video Is A Musical 8-Bit Video Game

This new music video by Snoop Lion, AKA Snoop Dogg, was published online by Westfesttv and is trending for its unique visuals and effects. 

Gamers will recognize classic 8-bit graphics and game-play that resembles the original Pokemon and more. 

The nerdy music video was posted last weekend, and has already amassed over 200,000 hits.


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Jan 052014
Old Spice Momsong Commercial

Old Spice has done it again. 

The fragrance brand most famous online for their outrageous commercials has again gone viral with a unique and entertaining video. 

This time, moms sing the ‘Momsong’ about how their boys have grown into men from using Old Spice. 

Over the weekend, the commercial has already amassed over half a million views!


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Jan 012014
2013 Rap Up Wrap Up Music Video

Last year, popular YouTube rap star DeStorm Power closed the year with his 2012 Rap Up and amassed over 1.5 million views

Now, he has returned to end 2013 with the same enthusiasm and flow, recapping all of the more memorable moments from the past year in this new 2013 Rap Up music video


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