Mar 092016
Ultimate History Of Rock

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and so many classic rock stars had social media to spread their music? Well wonder no more. Ithaca Audio reviews the past 60 years of rock and roll in this ultimate music video which features over 340 rock stars and 60 different classic rock songs. It’s so good, you won’t even notice that it’s 14 minutes long. 


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Mar 072016
Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton Auto Tune Mash Up

The Gregory Brothers, famous for auto tuning the news and creating stunning music, are back now that the election season is in full gear. For their latest project, they took footage from the most recent Democratic debate on CNN and made this hilarious music video of Bernie and Hillary singing and jamming in a battle of the bands. 


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Mar 022016
Marble Machine Musical Instrument Is Simply Stunning

Martin Molin has taken the simple marble and elevated it beyond imagination. With 2,000 marbles, and countless wooden tracks and gears, he built the Wintergatan. It’s a giant wooded device that somehow plays music once all of the marbles, gears, and tracks all get moving. This demonstration is sure to blow your mind and make your day! 


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Feb 262016
Building Woodshop Stop Motion Is Far More Entertaining Than Expected

Last spring, Hampton Rutland was busying trying to finish his woodshop. He got a bunch of slabs of reclaimed wood from his friends house and wanted to finish the inside of his shop with some style. 

After some serious sweat and work, he finished the inside of his shop. He put together this stop motion of the project which has viewers entertained and impressed with both of woodworking and editing skills. Now, this video from last summer has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Feb 222016
Why You Can’t Understand What Rappers Are Saying These Days

And you thought you were getting older and that’s the reason you can’t understand what modern rappers are saying anymore. No, it’s not your fault. It’s just that rappers today mutter and slur their lyrics. 

Crank Lucas demonstrates what most rap today sounds like in this spoof video. 


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