Jun 272014
Groom Performs EPIC Surprise Dance For Bride At Wedding

Groom Sean Rajaee surprised his bride at their wedding with a truly epic dance performance. With his crew of groomsmen behind him, he shocked his guests and bride with a choreographed dance that has instantly gone viral. Shirin Rajaee, the sister of the groom, posted the video which has already amassed over 1.1 million hits in one day!


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Jun 202014
Men Perform Epic Beyonce Dance Wear High Heels

There’s just something about Beyonce music that makes you want to dance! Professional choreographer Yanis Marshall wanted to literally dance to Beyonce in her shoes, so he and his two other dancers donned high heels to perform this Beyonce medley dance. The video has instantly gone viral with over 1.7 million hits!


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Jun 182014
My OCD Music Video

Is there anything more annoying than a picture frame that is off center? Or how about a bag of chips opened upside-down? It’s enough to drive even the most normal of people to insanity. Comedians and musicians Rhett & Link sing about things that tickle everyone’s OCD monster in this new music video.  


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Jun 172014
The Book Of Mormon Comes To South Park

Besides for South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are famous for their award winning Broadway play The Book Of Mormon. Animator Simon Chong figured that the singing Mormons should visit South Park, so he animated this music video for the popular Book Of Mormon introduction song Hello in South Park featuring all of the show’s iconic characters and locations. 


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Jun 172014
OK Go Music Video “The Writing’s On the Wall” Is Full Of Mind Blowing Illusions

Rock band OK Go is famous for creating one of the first viral music videos to hit the web back in 2005. Here It Goes Again instantly went viral for its creative concept of just using six treadmills to create an entertaining and memorable video.

Now, the band has just released their latest music video for The Writing’s On the Wall off their new album Hungry Ghosts. The video is packed full of eye-popping optical illusions that will no doubt inspire viewers to share it. 



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