Apr 102015
Dumb Ways To Die Game Of Thrones Spoof

Dumb Ways To Die went viral over two years ago and stands with over 100 million views! Now, in honor of the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones, Egor Zhgun made this parody starring all of your favorite characters from the fantasy show. 


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Apr 102015
Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, The Roots Perform ‘Holiday’

Madonna’s hit single Holiday came out over 30 years ago, but the fans still love it! While visiting The Tonight Show, Madonna performed the classic 80′s tune with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots using only instruments found in a children’s classroom. 


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Apr 052015
SNL Pokes Fun At Scientology With Parody ‘Neurotology’ Music Video

The controversial Church of Scientology is known for suing anyone who dares stand up to them. But after an extensive investigation, HBO has shed light on the secretive church with their brand new documentary Going Clear.

Saturday Night Live was apparently inspired by the documentary, and poked fun at Scientology with this parody music video for a very similar sounding religion called Neurotology.


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Apr 022015
Jimmy Fallon And Pharrell Williams Put On 80s R&B Performance As Afro & Deziak

Ahh, the 1980′s. It was a glorious decade with some amazing music. Jimmy Fallon brought the 80′s back to life on The Tonight Show with his music super star Pharrell Williams. The two performed as the fictional 1980′s R&B duo Afro & Deziak. Shiny suits, groovy tunes, cheesy music, it doesn’t get any more 80′s than this!


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Apr 012015
Girls Lip Dub Songs From The Past In Their Car

Australia female comedy group Sketch She went viral last month with their glorious lip dub cover of the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody. That video has over 18 million views! Now, the trio is trending again after debuting this catchy lip sync compilation of popular songs from the past, again performed in the car. 


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