Apr 112016
Conan Stars In Korean KPop Music Video

While visiting South Korea, Conan O’Brien had the amazing opportunity to star in a KPop music video for South Korean pop star Park Jin-Young, or JY Park. The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun also stars in the Fire viral music video.


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Apr 062016
Mormon Missionary Parody Of Hello By Adele

Mormon missionaries are famous for being super kind and presentable. That’s what makes turning them away at your front door so difficult. Mormon missionaries Joseph & Smith poke fun at themselves with this hilarious and fun parody music video of Adele’s Hello that has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


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Mar 292016
Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus With No Music

When it first came out in 2013, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus was a viral and meme sensation. But like all things on the Web, it was quickly forgotten. Chloererb has brought the song back into the spotlight by creating this video for her sound design class.

She took the music video and removed all of the music, leaving only the natural sounds from the scene. 


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Mar 172016
Ylvis Language Of Love Music Video

Remember the viral sensation What The Fox Say by Ylvis? Well, the Norwegian comedy group is back with a new music video that is quickly spreading across the Web. And as you might expect, it’s outrageous! The hilarious music video is obviously inspired by those catchy pop songs about falling in love with people from around the world who don’t even speak the same language.   


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Mar 152016
Three Guys Cover No Diggity

The 1996 hit No Diggity has become a classic. After arriving at the Berklee College of Music, Sam Robbins teamed up with his friends Alex Fansel and Max Grazier to cover the hip hop song with their own spin. 

This music video was posted last October, but has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!


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