Mar 032015
Uptown Funk Performed In Famous Cartoon Voices

The Web can’t get enough of the catchy new tune Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. Naturally, it has been covered and spoofed countless times already. After being begged by his fans, impressionist Mikey Bolts recreated the hit song with famous cartoon voices, such as Stewie and Peter Griffin, and Hank Hill. 


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Mar 012015
SNL Wants You To ‘Say What You Wanna Say’ In Awkward Situations

Brave by singer Sara Bareilles quickly became an inspirational anthem for anyone who felt small or nervous. Saturday Night Live has hilariously reintroduced the uplifting song in this sketch in which they have people say what they really want to say in awkward social situations. Don’t you hate when you’re in the public bathroom and someone is taking their time by the mirror? Tell them to get out! Comedy gold! 


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Feb 262015
Grandmas And Grandpas Recreate Uptown Funk Music Video

The Internet has finally found a new catchy, upbeat song to be obsessed with. If you haven’t heard Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson you are really missing out. Alex Boye gathered a bunch of senior citizens and had them recreate the music video perfectly. 

It’s no surprise this cover has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Feb 202015
Celebrities Star In Ingrid Michaelson’s New Music Video ‘Time Machine’

Indie pop star Ingrid Michaelson is trending after debuting her latest music video for her single Time Machine. What makes her new video so special is that it was published by Rainn Wilson’s YouTube channel Soul Pancake. The Internet is loving that the video features Rainn and slew of other famous faces, such as Matt Jones, Jorge Garcia, Rob Delaney, and more!  


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Feb 182015
Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Without Music

Mark Ronson‘s new single Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars has become a pop music sensation with nearly a quarter of a billion views! The musical artists of House of Halo love the music video for the song so much, they decided to dissect and recreate the viral video with no outside music at all. What’s left is only the natural sounds from each clip.  


Thanks House!

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