Oct 262015
Trying To Answer Adele’s Phone Call

Adele has finally debuted a new hit single, titled Hello, at the start of the weekend. It’s no surprise it has instantly gone viral across the Web. Francis Higgins decided to have some fun with the new song, and made this humorous parody in which he attempts to answer Adele’s phone call. Stop calling me already! You’ve got the wrong number!


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Oct 092015
Robert Tilton Music Video Is What The Internet Was Made For

Televangelist Robert Tilton is famous in the Christian community for his religious television shows, but he might be even more famous online for something not as inspiring. Back when the Internet was just a toddler, an ingenious editor took video of Robert Tilton and perfectly added farting noises. That older video is an Internet classic. 

Now, music remix artist Pogo has made a new music video featuring Robert’s ridiculousness. 


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Oct 012015
Honey Boo Boo Music Video Is Pure

The Internet loves hating on something hard. After standing quietly on the sidelines for sometime now since starring on her own hit reality TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo, has now debuted her first music video. It’s so bad, viewers can’t help but share it with their friends helping this music video instantly gone viral. 


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Sep 252015
One Man Performs 90 Instruments

Most of us are familiar with the piano, guitar, and drums. But there are literally countless other instruments out there from different countries and cultures around the world. Famous YouTube musician Mystery Guitar Man had the amazing opportunity to visit the Musical Instrument Museum which is home to 6,000 different instruments. He performed a famous tune with 90 instruments in this stunning music video


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Sep 232015
Girls Doing Nothing In Activewear

It wasn’t that long ago that when you saw a woman on the subway wearing sneakers and an outfit from Nike made special from jogging you could assume she was about to go jogging. But not anymore. Now, it’s just a fashionable outfit. The Van Vuuren Bros poke fun at this trend with this new upbeat music video about women doing nothing in their activewear. 


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