Oct 272014
OK Go I Won’t Let You Down Music Video Is Awesome

OK Go is well known online for their unique music videos. Their treadmill dance music video for Here It Goes Again was of one of the original YouTube viral videos back in 2006. Now, the alternative rock band has just debuted a new music video for I Won’t Let You Down off their new album Hungry Ghosts. The video features the band dancing around town on small gyro-unicycles, and eye-popping human animation created by countless people opening and closing colored umbrellas. You have got to see this!


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Oct 272014
Everyday Is Scary Song

Kids are often scared of monsters under the bed or of ghosts in the closet. But being an adult in real life is actually much scarier. What’s more scary than having expensive insurance rates rise, or finding out you need a biopsy to find out if that lump on your neck is malignant. Animation Domination High-Def reminds viewers to remember this Halloween, monsters and goblins have got nothing on real life. 


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Oct 252014
Deep Cover Of All About That Bass

Avi Kaplan is known as the deep bass vocalists for a cappella group Pentatonix. He is joined by Mario Jose and Naomi Samilton in this music video where they appropriately cover the one hit wonder All About That Bass. His deep voice is just perfect!


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Oct 232014
Shia LaBeouf Live

Singer and songwriter Rob Cantor put together one of his greatest pieces yet, strangely and simply called Shia LaBeouf. That’s right, as in the Hollywood actor. Rob teamed up with professionals like The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, The Argus Quartet, and countless professional dancers to tell a one of kind horror story about, you guessed it, Shia LaBefouf. His new live music video has gone viral with over 800,000 hits already!


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Oct 152014
Song Made Entirely From Auto-Correct

Back in the day, you had to live with your text screw ups. Then came auto-correct. At first it was helpful but a bit archaic. But each new iteration of operating systems and smartphones brings better and better auto-correct. Musician Jonathan Mann has made an entire song using just what appears on his new iPhone’s auto-correct. It’s actually a pretty good song. Not any worse than any other pop song these days…


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