Jun 112014
Traveler Makes Hilarious ‘All By Myself’ Music Video While Stuck Overnight At Airport

It’s always a shock when it happens. You missed the last flight of the evening, or maybe it was cancelled due to weather. Either way, it slowly dawns on you that you’re going to be spending the next 14 hours overnight at the airport, most likely tucked away in a dark corner.

 was one such traveler. But he didn’t let the experience go to waste. Instead, he recording this hilarious All By Myself music video. Now, it has instantly gone viral!


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Jun 092014
The Perfect Father’s Day Music Video

“What do you want to do for Father’s Day?” is the question countless dads will be insincerely asked next weekend. They know they have no say in the matter. They’re going to brunch early in the morning to wait 45 minutes for cold eggs, soggy bacon, and stale bread, and then head to the mall to shop all day for stuff they neither want or can afford.

This one dad can only imagine in this music video what he would actually like to do for his big day.


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Jun 092014
Hangover By PSy And Snoop Dogg

Remember PSY and his hit single Gangnam Style? Of course you do! It’s actually YouTube’s most watched video with over two billion views! It’s been a while, but the South Korean KPop star has finally returned with a brand new single, titled Hangover. The music video has especially gone viral as the new song features hip hop king Snoop Dogg


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Jun 022014
Today Was A Good Day On The Internet Rap Song

The Internet is its own reality where dog memes, social networks, cats, and video games rule. It’s rare that everything online goes your way though. There’s always a jerk who downvotes your posts or teabags you after you’re KOed. But if everything goes your way on the Internet? Well then that was a good day. Animation Domination sings Today Was A Good Day On The Internet based on Ice Cube’s 1992 hit song. 


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May 232014
Man Makes Proposal Video In 26 Countries

After the first date with his girlfriend, Jack Hyer knew he would marry her. He even wrote in his travel journal in 2010, “I’m going to marry this girl eventually.”

He has since traveled across the world in over 25 different countries. He decided long ago that he would make a special proposal video during this travels to show her when the time was right. On their graduation night he showed her the video and she of course said YES! Now, his ‘epic’ proposal video has gone viral with over 300,000 hits already!


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