Jan 102014
10 Famous Movie Misquotes

Darth Vader saying, “Luke, I am your father,” from Star Wars is one of the most famous Hollywood quotes. But it’s not even the right line!

It’s actually, “No, I am your father,” as a response to Luke. 

Ultimate list channel All Time 10s covers this mistake and 9 other famous movie misquotes in this new trending video. 


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Jan 092014
‘Mean Boyz’ Gay Parody Of ‘Mean Girls’

Musician and prominent YouTuber Todrick Hall has again gone viral with this hilarious and super fierce parody of the 2004 Lindsday Lohan high school movie Mean Girls in honor of the film’s 10 year anniversary. 

Instead of taking on the Barbie bully girl click The Plastics, Codie and his new friends must socially battle The Ken Dolls. 

The new mock trailer has already amassed over 400,000 hits!


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Jan 082014
Everything Wrong With Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban was one of the most exciting Harry Potter films in the series, grossing more than $796 million. 

But that doesn’t mean the movie is mistake free. 

Cinema Sins has stepped forward to review the 2004 film, and explain all of the movie’s sins


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Jan 072014
What Would Really Happen To The Bad Guys In The Home Alone Movies

The Home Alone movies are the epitome of modern slap-stick Hollywood fun.

Harry and Marv of The Wet Bandits get burned, slammed, punctured, and have their heads smashed countless times, but they always get up with a vengeance. 

Movie obsessed Screen Junkies wondered what would really happen if they took all of those hits in real life, and asked a real doctor to diagnose the baddies as the film progressed

Spoiler: they should have died countless times. 


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Dec 252013
Dubbed Cursing In Movies On Network Television Compilation

There’s always that immediate excitement followed by disappoint when finding your favorite movie on TV. Besides for cutting ‘unnecessary’ parts of a film to fit a certain time frame, the bad dubbed swearing really ruins the experience. 

BuzzFeed Pop made this hilarious compilation of the worst dubbed cursing in movies on TV offenders. The video features “100% real television censorship.”

Honestly, the old fashion beep would be much better. 


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