Jun 112015
Honest Trailer Of  Jurassic Park The Lost World

Jurassic Park was one of the hottest films of the 1990’s that left a major mark on pop culture. So when a sequel was announced, fans were thrilled. Sadly, The Lost World did not live up to the Jurassic Park name. Jurassic Park III was also a let down. Thankfully, the new Jurassic World film is receiving much better reviews. In honor of the new film, Screen Junkies made this much more honest trailer for The Lost World


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Jun 082015
The 100 Most Iconic Movie Lines of All Time

Some famous quotes from classic movies are so deeply ingrained in pop culture, many people know the saying and don’t even know what movie it’s from. “Say hello to my little friend,” “Here’s looking at you kid,” “I’ll be back,” and “I’ll have what she’s having,” changed pop culture for ever. CineFix reviews 100 of the most iconic movie quotes and sayings of all time in this new video


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May 242015
Mad Max Trailer Merged With Mario Kart

Action and movie fans are thrilled that the 1979 dystopian action movie Mad Max has been rebooted with the new release Mad Max: Fury Road. Nintendo fan Sundbergkr took the brand new trailer for the film and merged with with Mario Kart sounds and special effects. The results? A viral trailer for “Mario Kart: Fury Road” that has already garnered over 1.5 million views this weekend!


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May 062015
Honest Trailer Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

It feels like it was just yesterday when the entire Internet and media was in a frenzy over romance film Fifty Shades of Grey hitting the theaters. Now that the film that the Web loves to hate is being released on DVD, the movie nerds of Screen Junkies give the movie their ‘honest trailer‘ treatment. Ya, this is spot on. 


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Apr 202015
Jurassic World Global Trailer

Does anyone else have deja vu? It seems we are reliving the 90’s with sequels for Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, and Jurassic Park debuting soon. Universal Pictures has just released the official full trailer for the upcoming dino-thriller Jurassic World, and the Internet couldn’t be more excited. With Spielberg back in charge, fans are hopeful it won’t be a disaster like the two sequels before. 


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