Nov 232015
Katniss Reall Loves Pita Bread

The last Hunger Games movie finally hit theaters last weekend. After watching, the nerds at Pistol Shrimps had an epiphany. Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss is really hungry. Hungry for pita that is. 

This silly parody video has instantly gone viral. 


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Nov 202015
Harrison Ford Surprises Star Wars Fans For Charity

The debut date of December 18 for The Force Awakens is getting closer by the day, and the Internet couldn’t be more excited. Charity oMaze teamed up with Star Wars to surprise a group of superfans with the chance to meet the cast of Episode VII and get the red carpet treatment at the premiere. Enter here


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Nov 192015
Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird?

Have you ever watched a classic film like The Wizard of Oz or Citizen Kane and wondered why everyone sounds so weird. They don’t really sound British, but they also don’t have a regular American accent.

So what’s up with the weird way actors speak in older, classic movies? BrainStuff explains in this trending video


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Nov 172015
Honest Trailer Of The First Star Wars Movie

The Internet has been giddy with excitement for over a year now that the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, directed by J. J. Abrams is set to debut in just a few more weeks. To keep fans holding on for just a little bit longer, the movie review nerds at Screen Junkies gave the original–and yes the first, even though it’s technically number 4–Star Wars movie an honest trailer


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Nov 162015
Ultimate Inspirational Movie Coach Super Speech

There’s nothing like an inspirational speech to make your sports movie a total cliche. Every classic sports movie features at least one inspiring speech made by the coach at the end of the film before the heroes finally win the big game. Burger Fiction packed nearly every inspiring coach speech they could find in Hollywood into this single speech super cut


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