Mar 112015
Pixar’s Inside Out Movie Trailer

People understandably get very excited over anything Pixar does. The computer animation movie studio rarely disappoints. Finally, after teasing the Web with a mini-trailer, Pixar has just debuted the official movie trailer for their next project titled Inside Out

The cartoon stars the voices of Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, and more! It looks very promising and has the Web buzzing. 


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Mar 102015
Honest Trailer Of Cinderella

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, and nearly everyone has seen the classic 1950’s animated version of the timeless tale. But, after being redone countless times before, Disney is again rebooting Cinderella as a live action movie. In that honor, the movie nerds at Screen Junkies teamed up with the singers from avbyte to create this hilarious, much more honest, trailer for Cinderella.  


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Mar 082015
If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men

Film director and screen writer Wes Anderson has a very specific flavor and theme for all his work. That got short film creator and parody artist Patrick (H) Willems thinking. What if Wes Anderson directed an X-Men movie? It might look something like this mock trailer.

Patrick’s video has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million hits already! 


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Mar 062015
Famous Ending Of Back To The Future Recreated In LEGO

Macro Lego Universe is a very tiny movie studio that is a master at recreating cinematic scenes in Lego. One of the most iconic movie endings remembered on the Internet is the closing scene from Back to the Future. Macro Lego Universe recreated the famous scene, shot for shot, in glorious plastic Lego bricks. Perfect! 


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Feb 242015
Dakota Johnson Interview With Her Mom At The Oscars Is Super Awkward

What parent wouldn’t be thrilled to learn that their child is following in their footsteps? It’s no surprise that actress Melanie Griffith is happy her daughter Dakota Johnson is a successful actress just like her. But like any mom, she can’t help hiding her true feelings about Dakota’s first smash hit, the blockbuster film Fifty Shades of Grey. 

While being interviewed on the red carpet, Melanie admitted that she still hasn’t seen the popular romance film. Can you blame her? Things get pretty awkward… 


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