Feb 252014
Rufio Fighting Hook Homemade Shot For Shot

Who can forget Rufio from the live action Peter Pan film Hook? He was just the epitome of cool in the 90′s

CineFix teamed up with a much more grown up Dante Basco to recreate Rufio’s final battle scene with Captain Hook in this homemade, shot for shot skit


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Feb 212014
Fade To Black Parodies Every Action Movie Trailer

Have you noticed anything about action movie trailers over the past year? It seems they’ve become obsessed with fading in and out.

So much fading!

Picking up on this annoying trend, comedy group Pistol Shrimps made this hilarious parody trailer, appropriately titled Fade to Black


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Feb 212014
Cute Kids Reenact 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominated Films

Movie obsessed CineFix collaborated with Mom.me to deliver this cute parody video of Academy Award Best Picture nominated films.

The best part?

Adorable kids reenact the popular films in short snippets, covering HerGravity, and more!

The adorable video is already featured on Time, LaughingSquid, Variety, and UpRoxx


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