Oct 262015
Dog Is Super Excited To Watch Disney’s Bolt

This video was published in 2009, but it has only gone viral now with over half a million new views! Stryker the Belgian Malinois might be a dog, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a Disney film. His favorite is naturally Bolt, the 2008 feature film by Disney about a ‘superhero’ dog named Bolt. 


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Oct 212015
Honest Trailer Of Back To The Future

It’s finally here! It’s Back To The Future Day. You know, October 21st, 2015, the day Marty and Doc Brown travel to in the hit 1989 sequel, Back To The Future II. But you knew that already. In honor of BTTF Day, the movie nerds at Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the popular trilogy an honest movie trailer


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Oct 202015
Jurassic World Trailer Remade With A Super Low Budget

These days, films are more expensive than ever. That got Matthew Potter and his buddies thinking. After watching this summer’s hottest movie, Jurassic World, he and his friends decided to recreate the timeless trailer with as little money as possible. After spending only £50 they came up with this trending remake


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Oct 192015
Full Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Finally Here

After being teased numerous times already, Disney has finally debuted the official full trailer for the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Carrie Fischer finally makes a cameo as an older Princess Leia. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, the movie debut date of December 18, 2015 doesn’t seem that far away at all. Who’s excited?! 


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Oct 182015
Teens React to Back To The Future 2

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was hard to find a movie trilogy as popular and cool as Back To The Future. Everyone saw it and knew all the sayings. Think McFly, think! Who didn’t wish they had a hoverboard or a crazy mad scientist friend who could take them to the future? But do kids and teens of today recognize the movie? The Fine Brothers found out in this new video


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