Sep 272014
Andy Samberg Summaries Movies In Five Seconds

While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg showed off his movie knowledge by playing a film trivia game with Jimmy. The two took turns attempting to summaries a famous movie in just five seconds. No actor names or words from the title allowed. Who do you think won?


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Sep 252014
The Official List Of What You Have To Watch

Back in the day, there were only a few TV channels and a couple movies that came out every few weeks. Today, the media has become a blizzard of options. With Hulu, HBO, Hollywood movies, cable TV, YouTube, Netflix, and so much more, it is difficult to choose what to watch. Thankfully, the nerds at College Humor have compiled this official list of what you have to watch


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Sep 232014
This Is What The Matrix Would Look Like On The Original Nintendo

The Matrix became an instant cult classic after debuting at the end of the 90′s. If only it came out a few years earlier there would no doubt be countless video game adaptations of the action film. Thankfully, CineFix imagined in this clip what The Matrix would look like on a classic video game system like the Nintendo or Sega. 


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Sep 112014
Elders React To Fifty Shades Of Grey

The erotic-romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey took the mainstream by storm. Soon, it seemed everyone was reading the electric book. It didn’t matter that the story was ridiculous. Readers couldn’t put the book down, and it quickly became a bestseller. As expected, Hollywood recreated the book into a fiery film that is obviously not for kids.

But how will today’s seniors react to the movie? The Fine Brothers showed a group of elders the trailer for Fifty Shades to see what they thought


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Sep 102014
Jeff Goldblum Sings His Own Jurassic Park Theme Lyrics

Eccentric Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum is most famous for his role in the 1990′s hit dinosaur movie Jurassic Park. Who doesn’t know the tune to the movie’s iconic theme music? But while visiting Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jeff revealed that there are actually words to the music. Now, this silly clip has instantly gone viral!

“In Jurassic Park, scary in the dark, I’m so scared, I will be eaten.” 


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