Oct 042015
Everything Wrong With WALL-E

One of Pixar’s most believed films is WALL-E. Not only is it endearing and funny, but it’s also an original film. But just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The movie critics of Cinema Sins explain all the problems and ‘sings’ from WALL-E in this viral 12 minute movie review


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Sep 172015
Parents Announce Pregnancy With Horror Movie Trailer

These days, you can’t just call your family and friends to tell them that your expecting. You have to at least post a funny picture on Instagram or something. Gavin and Judy Holt decided to announce their good baby news to the world by making this exciting parody horror movie trailer which has instantly gone viral!


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Aug 232015
Daniel Is Actually The Bad Guy In The Karate Kid

As the Internet is so heavily populated with Generation X kids, it’s no surprise kids movies from the 1980’s are so popular online. One of those beloved movies is The Karate Kid. What 80’s kid didn’t play fight with their friends while imagining they were the hero? But is Daniel really the hero? J. Matthew Turner explains that actually Daniel is the bully in the film, we’ve all just been looking at it wrong. Mind blown!


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Aug 152015
Things Owen Wilson Says Super Cut

There are some actors in Hollywood who can become countless characters that all differ greatly. There are others in Hollywood who are very funny and talented, but they really can only be themselves. Owen Wilson is a great example of the latter. Owenergy Studios shuffled through a slew of films starring Owen, and found that he pretty much says the same thing in every film, no matter what character he is playing. 


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Aug 102015
South Korean Trailer For Star Wars The Force Awakens

It’s no surprise that whenever a drop of news about the upcoming Star Wars film hits the Web it goes viral. The official Star Wars Korea channel just debuted this new made for TV trailer for The Force Awakens that has taken the Internet by storm. Some of the clips have already been seen in the older trailers, but there’s enough new video for fans to get excited over. It’s no surprise this has been one of the most popular clips of the day. 


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