Apr 182014
What Is Beauty For The Blind

Most people associate beauty with what they see. A beautiful sunset, an attractive looking person, or a famous painting. But what if you can’t see anything at all? How do the blind see beauty?

BuzzFeed asked a group of blind people what beauty meant to them. What they answered will inspire you.  


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Apr 172014
Story Of One-Legged Soccer Star Will Inspire You

Nico Calabria was born with one leg. Most people would assume he was destined sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But not Nico. From a very young age, he was already playing basketball, swimming, and even rollerskating. 

Soon, he would become a soccer star!

If this story put together by Powerade doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. 


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Apr 092014
What It’s Like To Run 135 Miles

Josh is a running addict. He’s been waking up early four, five days a week to run. 

Now, he’s facing his greatest obstacle. The Brazil 135, a 135 mile race on the Caminho De Fe, or Path of Faith, in Brazil. 

This is his journey


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Mar 232014
The Way One Man Helped Disabled Kids With Power Wheels Will Make You Smile

Becoming independent and mobile is a critical part of growing up. But many disabled children don’t have that luxury. 

Charity group Nation Swell reports that one man is one a mission to help physically impaired kids become mobile in an amazing way. 

Electric wheelchairs can be too expensive and delicate for many families of special needs children, so Dr. Cole Galloway created Go Baby Go!.

He and his group modify relatively cheap Power Wheels toy cars for disabled kids to use and become free. 

“I want you to feel like you have control over your own happiness. And I know for young children that’s attached to your mobility.”


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Mar 202014
Contestant Answers ‘Impossible’ Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Puzzle

The Bonus puzzle is often the most difficult in Wheel Of Fortune. And for good reason, the contestant has a chance to instantly win big, big cash.

Last night, winner of the night Emil shocked Pat, viewers, and now the Web after completing his Bonus Puzzle that seemed impossible. He only had two letters out of twelve to work with, but got the puzzle right on his first try!

The best part? He walked away with an extra $45,000 to finish the night with over $63,000.

“I’m rather stunned,” said a shocked Pat. 


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