Oct 072015
Mom In Labor Dances The Nae Nae To Help With Contractions

A ‘trick’ often used by mothers in difficult labor to help the baby along is to dance. It’s distracting, helps with breathing, and also can even ease the pain of labor. Ob/Gyn & Midwife Associates went to check on her patient who was in labor when she found her dancing the Nae Nae in the hall! This video has gone viral with over 1.2 million views!


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Sep 222015
Adorable Toddler Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle

A baby’s first birthday is exciting for the parents and grandparents, but the baby really isn’t aware of what’s going on. The second birthday is really a lot more fun for everyone as the toddler finally has some grasp of reality. Ashleigh Williamson and her husband gave her cute son a cupcake with a candle for his second birthday. He adorably struggled to blow it out. Now, this video is blowing up online. 


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Sep 212015
Little Girl Asks Her Mom To Be Friends With Divorced Dad

Divorce is always hardest on the kids. But it seems six year old Tiana is taking the situation very well. In this precious video that her mother posted on Facebook, Tiana explains to her mom that she wants her to be friends with her dad even though they are divorced. This adorable clip has millions of hits and shares now!


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Aug 062015
Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy News

Since the dawn of humanity, it has always been the job of the woman to surprise her man with the news that she was pregnant. But Sam has turned this concept upside-down! Thinking that his wife might be pregnant, he purchased a pregnancy test and ran it without her knowledge after she used the bathroom. And it came back positive! Now, this pregnancy surprise video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jul 102015
Couples Announce New Pregnancy With Adorable ‘Shut Up And Dance’ Music Video Spoof

John Murrays and his wife as well as Jon’s brother Aaron and his wife both became pregnant around the same time. Since he was so talented with a camera and computer, John decided to announce the good news to their friends and family with a music video parody of Walk The Moon’s hit single Shut Up And Dance. This week old video video has instantly gone viral this weekend!


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