Dec 182013
Astronauts Attacked By Monster On The Moon Beans Commercial

Computer animation studio Cinesite has gone viral with this humorous mock commercial for beans. 

A crew of astronauts on the moon are attacked by a giant monster reminiscent of the great Rancor from Return of the Jedi. After the attack, it seems one astronaut may have successfully escaped, but a common reaction from eating beans gives him away. 

The short film, simply titled Beans, has already amassed over 650,000 views, and is featured by TastefullyOffensive, AdWeek, and Neatorama


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Dec 122013
Juno Spacecraft Passes By Earth And Moon

The space age may be in its infancy, but it’s still here. 

NASA‘s Juno spacecraft is traveling to Jupiter, and is set to reach the gassy planet by July of 2016. The craft is outfitted with a slew of special equipment to track, test, and observe space. 

One sensor is a special camera “optimized to track faint stars” which recently had a very unique view of the Earth and our moon.

From 600,000 miles away, Juno captured one frame at a time and sent the footage back to Earth to be processed into this very special video. 

Already, the clip has amassed over half a million views!


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Sep 152013
Who Owns The Moon?

The question may sound ridiculous at first, but after serious contemplation it becomes more and more sincere. 

Who owns the moon? Really?

Can anyone claim property on the moon like the crazy guy who actually sells moon real estate? No government entity recognizes extra terrestrial property rights, but that didn’t stop one person from sending NASA a parking ticket for landing on an asteroid he claimed.

Super nerd Vsauce expounds on this topic in his latest educational video which is trending as usual.


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Aug 152013

Have you ever wondered what the our skyline would look like if the Moon was replaced with a planet from our galaxy?

YouTuber Yetipc1 has, and even made this scaled visualization of what he imagines what the sky would look like if Mars, Venus, or a slew of other planets were orbiting Earth in place of our Moon. 

Though this video was originally posted in January, it is trending now more than ever, and currently stands with over 1.5 million hits


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Feb 232013

Denmoff‘s little Kayla is at the tender toddler age when she is beginning to to decipher between perception and reality.

While outside on the driveway, Kayla tells dad she sees the moon, an exciting experience for any kid. Dad asks her if she can grab the moon, and she adorably jumps up and tries to catch

“Uh oh. I can’t reach it.”

Dad soothes her with, “Ok, then say goodbye moon.”

“Goodbye moon.”

Too cute!

Eve YouTuber Sean Mckenna couldn’t hold back, and said, “This kid is f***ing adorable and I hate kids.”

Zach The Reliable is even more optimistic

“Reach up for it, Reach up for the moon. and from that moment on a future astronaut was born and she would fly to Mars and Beyond.”


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