May 202015
Mom Face Plants Into Sand During Her Daughter’s Picturesque Proposal

It couldn’t be more perfect. Bridgett Clark‘s sister was about to be proposed to by her boyfriend at the beach with all of her family there. But right before her boyfriend got down on one knee, her mom Eva fell face first into the sand! After they were sure mom was OK, they went along with the proposal, but Eva still wasn’t paying attention. 

“Mom, look up at your daughter,” screamed the sister. 

“God of Moses! That’s why we’re here!” Best dad ever. 

This hilarious family fail video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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May 122015
Son Makes Video To Help Her Find A New Boyfriend

Alex Norgay really loves his mom Eva. She’s been alone for quite some time, so he decided to look for a boyfriend for her. For over a year, he’s been working on this secret project to promote his mom on the Web. Lucky for him, his video instantly went viral on Reddit, and now countless viewers are liking and sharing the clip.

Interested? You can contact him and his mom at 


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May 102015
Blind Pregnant Woman ‘Sees’ Unborn Baby By Feeling 3D Printed Sonogram

It’s standard for pregnant women to see an image of their unborn baby with the help of a ultrasound sonogram. But Tatiana is blind, so she obviously can’t see a traditional sonogram. So her doctors made her a special 3D printed version of her sonogram so she could feel and ‘see’ her babies face with her fingers. This touching week old video has gone viral over Mother’s Day weekend with over 8 million new views!


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May 092015
Kids Quiz Their Moms While They Are Hooked Up To Lie Detectors

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of moms everywhere, Distractify decided to have a little fun and put some moms in the spotlight. By hooking them up to lie-detectors and having their kids ask them incriminating questions. Awkward!

This hilarious video has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million views


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May 092015
Kimmel Asks Kids “Who Do You Love More… Mom or Dad

While the country spends $21 billion on Mother’s Day gifts, we only spend $12.5 billion on presents for Father’s Day. To test the theory that people really love their mothers more than their fathers, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to the streets to ask kids who they love more, mom or dad. The results of this ‘scientific’ poll might surprise you, and will definitely make you smile. 


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