Oct 242014
Misconceptions About Food

Everyone knows that MSG is bad for you and causes headaches. But does it really? The FDA has studied MSG three times, and found that it is perfectly safe. Still, people believe MSG is bad and many other misconceptions about food, like that Twinkies never expire. They do. Mental Floss covers this and many other food misconceptions in this video.  


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Jul 102013

In Mental Floss‘s new video, Hank Green discusses and corrects a slew of famous science related misconceptions.

He explains that, impossibly, the Brontosaurus never existed, bats are not really blind, the center of the Earth is not molten, and disproves 47 other interesting fallacies. 


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Jan 242012

Nerd favorite YouTuber  is back again, this time debunking famous misconceptions and common old wives tales that never seem to die. Most of these are so common, you’ll be shocked to learn you’ve been wrong your whole life. The video has already exploded all over the Internet, being shared on KnowYourMeme, Digg, and TheAwesomer


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