Apr 112014
When Insanity Becomes Normal In Venezuela

Most people are unaware that Venezuela is in the midst of revolution. Ever since the dictator Hugo Chavez died, the country has been unstable. 

Now, instability has turned into chaos. 

Henry of the educational channel Minute Physics has a friend in Venezuela who is just a regular citizen trying to make it day by day. 

He explains in this powerful video how he has become complacent with the status-quo as a defense mechanism as he and his countrymen attempt to put their lives back together. 


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Feb 162014
How Modern Light Bulbs Work

The traditional incandescent light bulb was invented at the end of the 1800′s. That’s right. Countless people are still using 19th century technology. 

We can do better. 

There are an array of new light bulbs that are more effective and efficient at producing light than the old incandescent. 

Science channel Minute Physics covers them all and explains how they work in this new video.


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Jan 222014
Evolution And Natural Selection Explained

People often mix up evolution and natural selection. So what’s the difference?

Minute Physics clarifies in this new animation that Natural Selection, popularized by Darwin, is simply an explanation of how the world evolved.

Agree or disagree with Darwin’s theory, there’s no denying the world has been changing for many years, and still is.


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Nov 262013
What Exactly Is Sea Level

We all learn about sea level in elementary school, and often see signs on the road telling us how high above sea level we are. 

But what exactly does sea level mean?

The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, and there isn’t any water near many of the world’s tallest mountains. So how do scientists quantify sea level?

Thankfully, educational channel Minute Physics has stepped forward to explain the concept for all of the web. 


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Oct 272013
Six Ways To Time Travel

Scientists and nerds have been dreaming of time-travel for years, but is it possible to journey through time other than in Hollywood movies?

Minute Physics explains that, yes, time-travel is real.

Of course, he’s only referring to the fact that we are all technically travelling forward in time at the same pace, but that’s boring. What about travelling to the past or distant future?

That’s when negative energy, wormholes, and the hypothetical come into play. 


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