Jul 072015
240 Years Of American Army Uniforms

Even though America’s birthday has just passed, IJReview only published this patriotic video now. As America is such a young country, there have not been that many different uniforms in the army. Here are all the different US Army uniforms, from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afghanistan, in just 120 seconds. Happy Independence Day!


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Apr 102015
United States Air Force Guardsmen Try Not To Laugh At Rubber Chicken

Being a Ceremonial Guardsman in the United States Air Force is kinda big deal. You must be able to always keep your composure. To test the newcomers, the instructors at the USAF Honor Guard Tech School try to make them laugh by hanging a rubber chicken in their faces. This video from 2012 has only gone viral now with over 750,000 new views!


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Mar 262015
Things No One Tells You About Going To War

Serving in the military and going to war has been glorified in America for decades. As George Carlin said, “We average a major war every 20 years in this country. So we’re good at it.” But going to war is never what you expect it to be like. BuzzFeed gathered five soldiers together to discuss the five things no one tells you about going to war


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Jan 052015
F-18 Hornet Breaks Sound Barrier Flying By Aircraft Carrier

While working on an aircraft carrier it’s easy to become desensitizes to the extremely expensive and powerful machines you work with everyday. Still, watching an F-18 Hornet fighter jet fly by and break the sound barrier is always a sight to see. That white cloud around the back of the jet is the vapor cone that forms when a plane reaches transonic velocity. America!  


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Jan 032015
Civilians Try Meals Ready To Eat Military Food

Every soldier, marine, and sailor is familiar with MRE’s, or meals-ready-to-eat. They are boxed meals that can be heated with a chemical solution, and have an extremely long shelf life with no refrigeration required. As almost no civilians have tasted the food, BuzzFeed acquired a couple MRE’s and had their staff try some. For science! 


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