Dec 312013
Dubai’s 2014 New Year’s Fireworks Show Wins

Dubai may have won New Year’s this year.

The small Islamic state broke a world record by launching over 400,000 fireworks into the night sky from their iconic man made Palm island and The World Islands. 

Khaled W. posted this video of the extravagant light show that is already trending.  


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Dec 272013
Lebanese TV Is Interrupted By Car Bomb Blast

A car bomb struck in downtown Beirut, Lebanon killing five and leaving many wounded. The blast was so powerful that it literally shook a nearby TV station.

This video, just posted online by FutureTV News, shows the moment their newscast was interrupted by the powerful thunderous blast which shocked the news reporters and left them momentarily dumbfounded.


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Dec 172013
Saudi Man Doesn’t Understand How To Play In The Snow

As most people not hiding in a cave has heard, the Middle East was slammed with a rare snow storm last week.  

It’s a good thing snow is so rare there as most people in the desert simply don’t know how to deal with snow, or, as is evident in this short video, even play in it. 

Saudi YouTuber Mohammed Alobaidan‘s friend tried to jump into a pile of snow, but apparently didn’t know how. The silly clip has already amassed over 350,000 views!


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Sep 022013
Syrian Father Is Dramatic Reunited With Son Thought To Be Dead After Chemical Attack

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a brutal and bloody civil war has been raging in the Middle East country of Syria for over two years. More recently, America and her allies have been discussing intervention.

But the people on the ground aren’t busy with politics. They are just trying to survive, day by day. 

This bitter-sweet video published by hadi hdhod before the weekend demonstrates just how difficult and horrible the situation has become for many people.

In the emotional clip that has already amassed over 3.5 million views, a mourning father discovers that his son that he believed was killed in a chemical attack was actually found unharmed.

Even though most Western viewers can’t understand Arabic, everyone seems to understand the father’s great relief.  


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Jul 222013

Middle East extremists watchdog group MEMRITVVideos has instantly gone viralviral with this new eye-opening video that has garnered over two million views in just one day. 

The video features an adorable eleven year old Yemeni girl named Al-Ahdal who sadly claims to have run away from home to flee a marriage that was being forced upon her. 


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