Feb 232013

Remember Jimmy Fallon’s father-themed homage to the famous viral video Evolution of Dance?

Well, he has returned to honor the other equally most important person in everyone’s lives. Mom. To promote her “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama graced Late Night to star with Jimmy Fallon in this Evolution of Mom Dancing music video which has instantly gone viral. 


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May 032011

Word on the street is Michelle Obama teamed up with Beyonce to make a song and music video to inspire kids to exercise and help fight childhood obesity. Move Your Body is that appropriate song and Michelle dances a little bit at a school in Washington DC. She’s got some serious moves and even tries to ‘Dougie’ . Don’t mess with the First Lady.


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Nov 122010

Our world is so PC is pathetic. It’s against the Indonesian minister’s religion to shake hands with a woman. But he can hit women as part of his religion I’m sure. He claims Michelle Obama aggressively tried to shake his hand, when the video shows otherwise. The first lady did not do anything wrong. What do you think?

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