Apr 092014
Game Of Thrones Goat Version

What’s up with the Internet’s strange obsession with goats? Perhaps it will always be a mystery.

Marca Blanca has instantly gone viral by capitalizing on the Web’s love of goats and the new season of Game of Thrones. His ridiculous, and hilarious, goat version of the popular Game of Thrones intro is a perfect viral recipe. 


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Apr 012014
YouTube Announces Upcoming 2014 Viral Video Trends April Fools

You know all those popular YouTube memes and jokes everyone loves to spread and share? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted they are the ones behind them all. From Gangnam Style, to Harlem Shake, to planking, YouTube has been writing, shooting, and directing all the best memes. 

Now, they’ve announced all the new upcoming viral videos, memes, and trend in this new promotion for 2014. Get ready for clocking, kissing dad, and more crazy memes!

Of course, this is all a fun gag in honor of April Fools.


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Mar 062014
Stuff Bitcoin Fanatics Say

Bitcoins. Even if you have no idea what a Bitcoin really is, you’ve no doubt heard about the world’s most popular crypto-currency on the news. 

Scotty321 is an obvious fan of the decentralized online money, and has brought the S*** Girls Say meme back with this hilarious spoof, Stuff Bitcoin Fanatics Say

No doubt, one of your Bitcoin-obsessed friends sounds just like this. 


Part 2

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Mar 042014
BuzzFeed Is Running Out Of List Ideas

Everyone online knows that BuzzFeed is the Web’s main source for lists. But at some point, the pop-meme site is bound to run out of list ideas. 

Conan O’Brien is worried that they are losing steam, and covers a slew of lists that just aren’t to snuff. 


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