Jan 052014
Science Teacher Loses Weight On McDonald’s Diet

There’s been a lot of coverage of the woman who ate Starbucks for a year recently. And of course there was the documentary Super Size Me which featured man who’s health deteriorated while on a McDonald’s only diet.

But now, KCCI reports of a science teacher who wanted to give McDonald’s another test. The key to his experiment was that he exercised daily and only ate his recommended calorie intake. 

Shockingly, he lost weight and even lowered his cholesterol. 

The lesson: your choices matter. 


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Oct 222013
New York Times Revisits The Famous Lady Burned By McDonald’s Coffee Story

Nearly everyone has heard the famous story about Stella Liebeck who accidentally spilled hot McDonald’s coffee on her lap from the drive-thru, and successfully sued the world’s most famous fast food chain. 

But just like today, the media twisted and contorted the true story.

Most people were ill-informed by the news and assumed only Stella was at fault. She was quickly painted as the greedy villain who deserved to be burned by the coffee. 

Now, the The New York Times revisits the famous story to disclose all of the actual facts in this newly trending documentary


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Jun 192013

YouTube Magician Rahat is famous for performing hilarious, mind-bending magic tricks at fast food restaurant drive-thrus.

Now, he has finally entered the establishment to perform some much more personal magic. Right in front of the cashier’s eyes, he turns three one dollar bills into three five dollar bills.

Naturally, the witnesses are all flabbergasted by the spontaneous transformation of the bills. 

Honestly, how is it done? 


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Apr 032013

Magician Rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drive-thru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat, fooling fast food workers into thinking a ghost of sorts was driving the car.

Someone must have ordered from the microphone and driven the car up to the service window, but it appeared empty. Now, that creative prank video from January stands with over 32 million views.

Like Hollywood, Rahat knows too well not to let a good thing just die out, so he has returned to prank the drive-thru, but with an even better twist this time. 

He constructed a fantastically realistic ‘headless shirt’ to appear as a tall man wearing a jacket with no head. Naturally, the girls freak out, even more than in the last prank.

Could anything be more terrifying than working the drive-thru window late at night, and a man hands you a twenty with no head on his shoulders?


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Jan 292013

After the great viral success of his first Invisible Driver At The Drive-Thru Prank–which at this point has collected over 31 million viewsMagic Of Rahat would have to be a fool to not try it again. When you have an award winning recipe, you don’t just go messing around with it. 

So once again, he orders from the drive thru, and then quickly covers himself in his special car seat disguise. When he rolls up hidden away, the fast food clerks naturally freak out in confusion.  


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