Jun 212012

Have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant only for your burger to not look as amazing and magical as the one your eyes have been force fed in countless advertising publications?

Well, , wanting to keep an open profile, took on that specific question. Isabel B from Toronto purchased a McD’s quarter pounder with cheese and showed side by side the similarities and differences the actual burger has with the photo shoot one. Surprisingly, the photo shoot uses all the same ingredients, they just know how to make it look magical.

The two day old video already has over 1.5 million views, and is covered on BusinessInsider, DigitalTrends, and TheFW.


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Jun 182012

Even though this is the third installment in his Floating Cup At The Drive-Thru series, comedian, prankster, and online magician  received the best responses so far from both his prank victims and online viewers. 

After being handed his drink at a McDonald’s drive-thru, Rahat used his tricks to make it seem that the cup was literally floating in the middle of the car. The obvious trick works wonders on the employees who react very seriously in shock, fear, and awe. 


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Apr 262012

A truck with propane tanks in the bed caught fire while at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Coachella, California. It burned for a while, then suddenly exploded at the 1:55 mark with a huge bang, causing car alarms to go off and pedestrians to run. Read more on CBS, MPViralMyDesert, and VideoSift


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Dec 052011

It’s not just America where Burger King and McDonald’s battle to be the number one fast food distributor; now it’s a war for the world. This German McDonald’s ad features a little boy being bullied out of his McDonald’s fries everyday at lunch. Finally, the kid uses a little trick marketing to outsmart the bullies. 


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