Jan 292013

After the great viral success of his first Invisible Driver At The Drive-Thru Prank–which at this point has collected over 31 million viewsMagic Of Rahat would have to be a fool to not try it again. When you have an award winning recipe, you don’t just go messing around with it. 

So once again, he orders from the drive thru, and then quickly covers himself in his special car seat disguise. When he rolls up hidden away, the fast food clerks naturally freak out in confusion.  


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Jan 102013

This short, yet very sweet, video by UniversalSwing has quickly gone viralviral, amassing over 200,000 views in just two days. Donte Newbill effectively experienced the World’s Fastest Drive-Thru Service.

Without ever slowing down, Donte screamed at the drive-thru microphone requesting two sweet teas, hollered to the first window to charge his debit, and then had two sweet teas thrown in his face in roughly 15 seconds. 

Wow. That was fast! Now, his obviously fake, yet funny, video is spreading across the web, appearing on Joe, CollegeHumor, DailyPicks, and 22Words.


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Nov 142012

NSFW Warning – language!

 just went viralviral after being featured on Reddit. The six year old’s uncle likes to record videos with him, and then dub over his nephew with a gangsta attitude.

In this episode that is going viral, Max tells the story about the time he disrespected at McDonald’s when trying to order a McNuggets Happy Meal.

Don’t be disrespecting lil’ Maximus! “I ain’t four years old no more!”


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Oct 192012

Us fat Westerners just love watching shows, like How It’s Made and Unwrapped, that tell the story behind the making of our favorite brands.

The latest to go viral letting customers in on their manufacturing secrets is, once again, McDonald’s Canada.

Around the world, the most common form people eat potatoes are in McDonald’s famous french fry form. Here’s how they make them in Canada.  


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Aug 032012

Who doesn’t love a nice, hot corporate fast food meal? Even Charlie the Egret likes to get his McDonald’s on. 

 was in his car when the extravagant bird landed on his hood. But even when he used the wipers to shoo the Egret away, the bird couldn’t be swayed. 

So Jim went to Mcd’s with the bird on the hood anyways. Amazingly, when he asked the clerk about the bird, she responded, “Oh, that’s just Charlie, he like to ride.” 

The video is covered by Arbroath, Yababoon, and TO.


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