Mar 032014
Two Dogs Share Ice Cream Cone In The Cutest Way Possible

This dog owner loves to go to the drive-thru and get her pups an ice cream cone treat. But she’s learned through experience how to divvy up the ice cream

It may seem unfair that Daisy gets to lick first, but when Cooper finally gets to take a bite it becomes clear why. 



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Feb 012014
McDonald’s Reveals How They Make Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s world famous chicken McNuggets have a bad reputation and are surrounded by controversy. Rumors that they contain pink slime or other nasty mystery meats are abound.

McDonald’s Canada, which has made a name for itself online for its honesty, is taking the gossip head on. 

In this new video, they reveal exactly what their McNuggets are made out of and how they are manufactured. No pink slime here. 


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Jan 152014
Secret McDonald’s Menu Items

Everyone knows the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheese. But have you ever tried the secret Air, Land, & Sea and McGangbang?

BuzzFeed Video sent a group of their reporters to delve deep down the unofficial menu of McDonald’s, and take the golden arches to the next level of grease and calories.



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Jan 092014
10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s

McDee’s is so ubiquitous, there are even Americans who know the Big Mac song better than the national anthem!

Popular list show All Time 10′s decided to delve deep down fast food rabbit whole, and serve up a hot and crispy list of 10 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s.

The new video has amassed over one million views!


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