Oct 172014
Nurse Sick With Ebola Speaks Before Leaving For Maryland

There is a lot of fear over the Ebola outbreak that originated in West Africa. Now, two American nurses who treated a Liberian man sick with the virus have been infected. Nina Pham at Texas Health Resources is one of the nurses. Before being transferred to Maryland, her doctor, Dr. Gary Weinstein, said goodbye and recorded their interaction. Now, this clip has gone viral with over 2 million hits!


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Sep 232013
Parent Arrested For Questioning Common Core During Forum In Baltimore County

The controversial standardized school program Common Core has many parents nervous and upset. 

Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and Maryland Superintendent Lillian Lowery held a session for parents to air their questions and concerns about the program, but it seems they only wanted to hear positive comments. 

In this shocking video currently going viral, one irate parent was silenced and even arrested for simply questioning the educational bureaucrats. 

Since debuting over the weekend, video has garnered over 700,000 views after being featured on Examiner

Now, the video has been picked up by FoxNews, WashingtonPost, HufingtonPost, and TheBlaze.


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Jun 242012

University of Maryland has developed their second human powered helicopter, the Gamera II. The pilot Colin Gore pedaled in a similar fashion as a recumbent bicycle, and flew the extravagant chopper for 40 seconds. The week old video has over 315,000, and is featured on YouTubeTrends


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May 102012

Viewers of Fox 5 in Maryland and DC had a very special rendition of the morning weather forecast. The Caped Crusader himself, Batman, graced the news with a very “super” weather report. 

‘Batman’ is really Lenny B. Robinson, who went viral when video of him driving his Bat Mobile Lambo down the street


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Sep 102011

It’s to the point that horrible weather reports of flooding and rain come as no surprise anymore. Every week, there’s a new disaster, fire, or flood, it’s crazy. The latest flooding occurred in Ellicot city, Maryland. In this amateur footage, you can see a main street completely flooded with fast moving water. 


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