Jun 092013

Jeff Greenspan likes conducting social experiments in his home town of New York City. His latest trick is actually his most subtle, and has just exploded online, garnering over one million views in less than a week. 

At High Line Park in Manhattan, there is a small statue that Jeff noticed was ignored by nearly everyone. Having a tight grasp on the mind of the New York tourist, Jeff simply placed a glass bowl by the statue’s feet with a few bucks inside. 

In no time, countless tourists and locals had surrounded the statue believing, or at least questioning, it to be a real person performing street art for donations. 


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May 092013

For their latest musical project, CDZA teamed up with Mike Kelton to woo women in public. With the full CDZA band following him around, Mike walked up to complete strangers on the streets of the Big Apple and sang his heart out for them. 

What woman wouldn’t love a tall, sexy red head singing You Are So Beautiful to them in the middle of brunch?


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Apr 302013

The most famous improv crew arguably in the world, ImprovEverywhere, has again struck in the heart of New York City with a hilarious prank. For their latest mission, they pretended the city made a new program of Seeing Eye People for New Yorkers to walk and text. 

Countless volunteers wearing orange vests and leashes took to the streets with a texter right behind them holding the leash and tapping away. 



BuzzFeed got in the gag actually approaching real people who were texting and walking and asking them if they need assistance. Most did not react pleased. 


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Apr 262013

Jimmy Kimmel has proven that people will act as know-it-alls, especially when there is a camera pointed at them. Countless times, Jimmy has sent his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd to ask passersby about fake or nonexistent events.

The last video of his to trend was when the camera crew asked fans at the Coachella music festival about fake bands. Naturally, the hipsters couldn’t control themselves, admitting to loving the groups that don’t exist.

That prank video from just this week has garnered over 9.5 million views

Now, FootBall Nation is taking a page out of Kimmel’s strategy book. Host Bill Enright took to Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan to ask die hard football fans about athletes that don’t exist. 

Viewers can’t help but laugh at the fools who only seem to dig themselves deeper in the lie hole. Already, the two day old video has collected over a quarter million hits


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Apr 072013

Donors Choose is a special site where donors pick specifically how their money will help America‘s needy public schools.

The nonprofit published this touching short film about Harlem English teacher James Walter Doyle back in February, but it has only exploded online this weekend, amassing over 130,000 hits in just days. 

The video highlights Mr. Doyle, his students, and their powerful relationship. Check out Mr. Doyle’s Donors Choose page here


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