Oct 112013
Siren Of The Lambs Meat Truck With Stuffed Animals Art Exhibit By Banksy

World famous artist Banksy challenged the meat packing industry in New York City with his latest outdoor art piece.

To protest the meat industry, he had a meat truck drive around town with squeaking, crying stuffed animals peeking their heads out of the delivery vehicle of death, dubbed Siren Of The Lambs

The new video is already covered on HypeBeast, AnimalNewYork, and Independent


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Oct 012013
Man Lives In Cube In New York City’s Astor Place

A common tourist attraction in New York City is the giant, spinning steel cube in Astor Place that’s been a landmark since 1967.

But unknown to others, Dave has been circumventing New York’s outrageous rent prices by living in the 500 sq ft cube for sometime as The Man in The Cube.

The interesting video is actually a subversive advertising campaign for business meditation company WHIL


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Sep 252013
Random New Yorkers Conduct Orchestra In Manhattan Square Social Experiment

For their latest social experiment, the popular pranksters and improv artists at Improv Everywhere set up a classical Carnegie Hall orchestra in the middle of a crowded Manhattan square. 

New Yorkers were prompted at the podium with a sign reading, “conduct us,” to literally take the reigns of the orchestra. 

Smiles were had by all.


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Jun 092013

Jeff Greenspan likes conducting social experiments in his home town of New York City. His latest trick is actually his most subtle, and has just exploded online, garnering over one million views in less than a week. 

At High Line Park in Manhattan, there is a small statue that Jeff noticed was ignored by nearly everyone. Having a tight grasp on the mind of the New York tourist, Jeff simply placed a glass bowl by the statue’s feet with a few bucks inside. 

In no time, countless tourists and locals had surrounded the statue believing, or at least questioning, it to be a real person performing street art for donations. 


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May 092013

For their latest musical project, CDZA teamed up with Mike Kelton to woo women in public. With the full CDZA band following him around, Mike walked up to complete strangers on the streets of the Big Apple and sang his heart out for them. 

What woman wouldn’t love a tall, sexy red head singing You Are So Beautiful to them in the middle of brunch?


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