Apr 042013

Just over two weeks ago, Mystery Maccabee published this short and sweet how-to video for those who like to live life on the fun side. Already it has been covered on numerous publications, such as NowMSN, TastefullyOffensive, and CoedMagazine.

In the video, appropriately and simply titled How To Build A Ball Pit In Your Living Room, a young couple can be seen clearing their minuscule Manhattan sized living room, and setting up a rather large ball pit, comprised of over 8,000 balls

Forget the ubiquitous glass of red wine after work, this is how you relax after the daily grind. 


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Apr 012013

For their latest ingenious public prank, the East Coast’s most popular improv group Improv Everywhere commissioned 2,000 volunteers to prank world famous Times Square in Manhattan. At just the right moment, everyone began to walk and move in reverse

Naturally, tourists and even some everyday New Yorkers are completely freaked out. Even some NYPD officers can be seen holding back their smiles. 


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Mar 052013

The BNP Paribas Tennis Showdown was just held in Manhattan, New York City. Just for fun, professional tennis player Rafael Nadal asked celebrity in the stands Ben Stiller to join him for a few volleys while playing Juan Martin Del Potro.

Juan also picked a fan from the fans as his teammate. A random little girl. Viewers expected the audience to side with the little girl, but no one expected her to perform so well. 

The adorable match was caught on camera by Romi Cvitkovic, and now the video is going viral. 


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Feb 262013

Every online knows what the Harlem Shake is, of course. It’s the (now dead) video meme where you dance like crazy with your friends to Bauer’s Harlem Shake techno beat, and post the video to YouTube, right?

Actually, no. That’s not the real Harlem at all. As the web has seen before, Harlem was not amused by the new dance fad that has seemingly hijacked the original Harlem Shake dance from the 80′s.

Now, Power 105. 1 has gathered some dancers from actual Harlem to dance the actual Shake. Daaang. The original dance is actually pretty cool, and difficult to master. 

Now, the new video is quickly starting to trend. It has already garnered over 75,000 views, and is featured on DailyDot, VideoSift, and KollegeKidd


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Feb 152013

By now, you, your cat, and your grandma have seen more than a life time supply of Harlem Shake dance videos. But there’s always a few creative stragglers at the end of the life of a meme that truly stick out from the crowd.

CBC set up in advance for countless New Yorkers to converge on Times Square at the same time for an ultimate flash mob Harlem Shake dance

It’s one of the craziest Harlem Shakes we at ViralViralVideos have seen. If you look closely, you can see a few NYPD officers even make a special appearance as they try to shut the event down. Good thing MarkT Films made sure to document the entire event


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