Apr 072014
Stockholm Magic Card Trick Will Make You Want To Move There

Stockholm enlisted the help of magician Charlie Caper to put on this enlightening and entertaining magic card show to promote their city.

Instead of just listing off facts about the Swedish capital, Charlie shows viewers how great the Scandinavian city is with playing card tricks. 


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Apr 052014
Cats Couldn’t Care Less About Magic For Cats

The Internet went wild when magician Jose Ahonen introduced magic for dogs. He managed to amassed over 13 million views!

Penguin Magic wondered, how would cats react to magic? Would they be as intrigued and amazed as the dogs were?

Hilariously, and unsurprisingly, the felines are not amused by magic for cats

What did you expect? 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Apr 032014
Magician Andrew Kelly Performs Astounding Magic On Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres loves magic. So for the first time, she invited British magician Andrew Kelly onto her show.

Andrew shocked the audience and Ellen with his impressive magic card tricks. His tricks even have layers of depth to them that boggle the mind. 

How’d he do that?!


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Apr 032014
Magic For Dogs Part 2 Is Just As Good As Part 1

Two weeks ago, magician Jose Ahonen exploded online with his highly entertaining Magic For Dogs video. He quickly amassed over 11 million views!

Now, he’s back with another adorable and hilarious serving of magic for dogs. 

The dogs may not be able to speak, but the look they make says it all. 

“Where’d you put my treat you mean man?”


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Mar 042014
YouTube Magician Gives Homeless Man Winning Lottery Ticket

YouTube magician Rahat makes a living by pulling gags and pranking people, and decided it was finally time to do a little charity.

He found a homeless man and instead of giving him a few bucks, gave him a winning lotto ticket. It actually wasn’t a winner, but the gas station clerk was in on the kind deed. 

When they arrived at the gas station, the clerk gave the needy man $1,000 for the ‘winning’ ticket.

Rahat obviously chose a worth recipient, because after being given the cash the homeless man immediately offered to share it with him.

Once the shock wore off he broke down in tears. 

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and never had a friend do what you just did back there.”


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