Jun 112016
Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do

We all know there is no such thing as real magic. But that’s what makes magic tricks so intriguing. We know the magician is just tricking us with a slight of hand. But how? Scam School explains how to perform 6 simple magic trick to wow your friends. 


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May 122016
Magician Wows Britain’s Got Talent

If you want to wow people these days as a magician you can’t just pull a rabbit out of a hat. Viewers demand to be amazed. And that’s exactly what Soldier Richard Jones did on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent with his incredible mind reading magic show. 


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Mar 162016
Baboon Is Amazed By Man’s Magic Trick

It’s hard to be original on the Internet. The Web has already need monkeys freak out over magic tricks before. But that doesn’t make this new video by AFV any less entertaining. While visiting the zoo, a man decided to show off his magic skills to a baboon at the ape exhibit. The baboons reaction to the magic? Priceless! 


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Dec 152015
Vanish In A Robe Like Obi Wan Prank

As you already most likely know, the Internet is suffering from a serious case of Star Wars fever with The Force Awakens debuting in just a few days. In honor of the new Star Wars movie, magician Rahat has been performing Star Wars themed magic, or Jedi, tricks and pranks. His latest might be his very best of all. 

After performing a very weak disappearing trick at a souvenir shop that was basically just shoplifting, Rahat ran away in his Jedi robes, and suddenly disappeared. Just like Obi Wan did in A New Hope. Seriously, how’d he do that!? 


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Aug 272015
Magician Neil Henry Proposes To Girlfriend Magic Trick

When you’re a magician you can’t just propose to your girlfriend in a regular, boring way. You are basically expected to incorporate some of your tricks into the proposal. Magician Neil Henry did just that. During a show, he asked his girlfriend to come on stage with him to act as his assistant in a trick. She and the audience never expected him to propose in such a magical way. 


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