Sep 042014
Drive-Thru Counterfeit Money Prank

Magician Rahat has a new magic trick where he somehow superimposes a picture of somebody on a one dollar bill. So Rahat took to the drive-thru to shock some employees. After receiving his change, he showed the person that they gave him a ‘counterfeit’ bill with their picture on it. Naturally, they were shocked

“How’d he do dat?”

Good question. How did he do that??


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Aug 062014
Back To The Future Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love the 1980′s classic movie franchise Back To The Future? Most citizens of the Web grew up on the films. Realizing this, magician and prankster Stuart Edge dressed as Marty McFly last week at ComicCon to pull off some sweet Back To The Future magic tricks


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Jul 252014
Walk Off The Earth Covers ‘Rude’ By Magic!

As Rude by Magic! has quickly become one of the summer’s hottest songs, cover band Walk off the Earth thought it would be appropriate to perform their cover of the song by the pool. The quintet brought their unique creativity to the song, playing on a giant guitar as well as throwing in a wet surprise at the end.  


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Jul 232014
Psychic Card Trick

Can psychic magic be real? Illusionist Eric Leclerc somehow performs a mind blowing magic card trick through the screen that works on most viewers. Watch as he flips through a deck of cards and pick one to remember. Somehow, he knows the card that most viewers choose. Could it be magic, or maybe that’s just the last card that sticks out the most… 


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