Oct 182014
Ian McKellen Explains What Will Happen If Students Don’t Revise Properly

Every student is worried about passing their tests and classes. When Sir Ian McKellen came to visit Chew Valley School, students quickly crowded around the window of the library where the famous actor was. To appease their excitement, Ian explained to the giddy kids, “If you don’t do your revision properly, do you know what will happen? You Shall Not Pass!”

Naturally, the Web is getting a kick out of this video which already has over a quarter million hits!


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Sep 152014
Shadow Of Mordor Short Film

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a brand new RPG video game based in the Lord of the Rings universe. As the greatly anticipated game is set to debut at the end of the month, YouTube studio Corridor Digital made this exciting live action short film inspired by the game to hold fans over.  


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Jul 082014
The Lord Of The Rings Explained In 90 Seconds

The Lord of the Rings is greatly popular online. But in case you are one of the few weirdos who have never read the books or seen the films, Mashable has stepped forward to help. They explain the popular fantasy franchise in just 90 seconds in simple terms so anyone can understand. 


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Jul 062014
How Far Can Legolas See

There’s a famous scene in Lord of the Rings when the elf Legolas claims to see the horsemen five leagues, around 24 km, away. He even says that their leader is very tall. Is this really possible? Educator Minute Physics reviews how we actually see light, and explains that Legolas most likely couldn’t see that far in real life. Of course, there aren’t elves in real life… 


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Jun 122014
Terrifyingly Realistic Uruk Hai Goes Grocery Shopping

Nerds will recall that the Uruk-hai are the monstrous orc creatures from the Lord of the Rings universe. For a makeup project, artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes turned Olivier Richters into a terrifying recreation of one of the beasts. Together, they went shopping in Amsterdam to shock the locals. 


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