Apr 042014
Kristen Bell Sings Do You Want To Build A Snowman In Three Voices Of Princess Anna

The Internet still isn’t tired of the Disney’s latest feature film Frozen

This video of Kristen Bell singing the hit song Do You Want To Build A Snowman at the Los Angeles Vibrato Grill Jazz club has only gone viral now. 

Kristen sings the song in all three of Princess Anna’s voices–as a child, teen, and young adult–but not before telling the audience about her love for Disney as a child.

Never gets old.  


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Mar 102014
The Way This Singer Reacts To Crowd Singing Along With Her Will Make You Smile

The Consulate General of Switzerland in New York posted this video a year ago, but it is trending again now.

During Swiss-German duo BOY‘s debut concert in Brooklyn, singer Valeska Steiner was shocked when the crowd started singing along during her rendition of Little Numbers

She quickly became flustered and overwhelmed, but her emotions only made the performance more magical and personal.

“You’re giving us goosebumps,” he interjected to the cheering crowd.  


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Mar 042014
Japanese Pop Merged With Heavy Metal Is As Crazy As It Sounds

This new music video by Japanese pop group BABYMETAL has gone viral in the English speaking web, and has already garnered over 1.1 million views!  

Even though most viewers can’t understand the lyrics, they are mesmerizing by the odd merging of J-Pop and heavy metal. 


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Mar 022014
Bruce Springsteen Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

The Web has finally moved on after obsessing over Lorde’s hit single Royals for what seemed like forever. 

But the song is buzzing again online after video of rock star Bruce Springsteen covering the tune hit the web. 

Andy Taylor was at the Springsteen concert in Auckland, New Zealand and captured the cover performance on video which is now going viral. 


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