Jan 062012

Adorably bright four year old Stella is a true fan of science, especially dinosaurs. She’s such an expert that she shows her father mistakes on the box of a toy dinosaur Triceratops while shopping in the toy section. She correctly points out that though the packaging says ‘Triceratops’, the picture is without a doubt a Styracosaurus. “But [at least] they got the beak right.”


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Dec 282011

 caught a little girl checking herself out in a store mirror, and she has since gone viral. Some say she is checking herself out like she sees the big girls do. Others say the mirror is like a funny mirror and the girl just liked the strange reflection. 


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Dec 242011

Riley is only a kid, but she is wise beyond her years. She asks her father at the toy store why can boys only buy superheroes and girls can only buy princesses? Girls want superheroes too! 

Children shouldn’t be coerced into rigid gender roles, especially over simple toys. So who’s behind these unspoken strict toy rules? She explains, “The companies that make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff…” She really knows her stuff. 


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Dec 222011

Many toddlers don’t do well with new born babies. They are often jealous, especially when it’s a younger sibling stealing away mom and dad’s precious attention. But Jessica isn’t jealous at all.

When her new born baby sister Vanessa starts starts crying, she quickly reassures her that everything is ok. “You’re ok, you’re ok, you’re ok.” Amazingly, her words soothe her sister. The video from the spring of 2010 has been steadily climbing in popularity, but just had a recent surge after being shared on Reddit, and subsequently TastefullyOffensive and VideoGum


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Dec 152011

Most kids are shy and quiet when performing at a holiday presentation on stage. But not the one little girl wearing huge angel wings. She belts out her part, even if she doesn’t quite know the exact words. Awesome. 

The older home video of a children’s nativity scene performance was posted online in August, but appropriately only went viral now, and is featured on BlameItOnTheVoicesTosh.0, and TastefullyOffensive.


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