Feb 012016
Hidden Adult Jokes In Popular Disney Films

For a while now there have been a few pictures purportedly from popular Disney movies that contain inappropriate secret, subliminal messages. But you don’t have to go full on conspiracy to find adult jokes in Disney movies. 

Screen Rant lists ten dirty jokes from our favorite Disney feature cartoons in this clip. 


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Jan 232016
100 Years Of Cars

The future of cars look very bright in the 21st century. Even mainstream family cars today come equipped with automatic braking and other digital safety features. Cars sure have evolved over the years. 

Mode reviews the past 100 years of car styles and trends in this new video. What’s your favorite car decade?


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Dec 102015
Historical Myths May Still Believe

As they say, the victors write history. As a result, countless historical ‘facts’ that many people believe are completely untrue. Thomas Edison created the light bulb, right? Well not really. Napoleon was extremely short, right? Wrong.

Matthew Santoro explains 7 historical myths that many still believe in this viral video


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Dec 052015
Burgers Inspired By The Holidays Will Make You Drool

When you think of the holidays, foods like mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, honey glazed ham, and turkey come to mind. Hamburgers are definitely not on the list. That’s more Fourth of July. But Food, People, Places wants to change all that. So they created seven mouth watering burgers inspired by Christmas. YUM!


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