Jul 262014
Most Mesmerizing Machines Will Hypnotize You

How It’s Made is a very popular show by Science Channel. There’s just something so mesmerizing by those giant machines creating all of our favorite foods, toys, and gizmos in a mass production factory. Sci Channel teamed up with BuzzFeed to cover what they consider the 24 most mesmerizing machines from all their footage. This viral video with over one million hits will hypnotize you.


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Jul 242014
Amazing Bets You Will Always Win Part 11

Richard Wiseman of Quirkology is back with yet another video showing off 10 bets you will always win. So study up and gather your friends. But make sure you choose the right buddies, because after pulling off some of these bets on them, they may not stay your friends for long. 


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Jul 102014
KFC Foods From Around The World

KFC may be yummy, but the same old bucket of crispy chicken can get old quick. What most people don’t realize is there are countless other dishes at KFC served around the world. BuzzFeed put together this tasty list of international KFC foods to tease their hungry viewers. 


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