Jan 052015
What The Voice Actresses Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life

Children around the world are familiar with the many Disney princesses. There’s Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, Aurora, Nala, and many more. But few people know the actual voice actresses who give the princesses their life and soul. Thankfully, BuzzFeed has stepped forward to connect each Disney princess with her voice actress in this trending list video


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Dec 152014
Best Of Web 2014 Year In Review

There have been a lot of amazing, funny, crazy, and simply epic videos over the past year. Even we couldn’t feature very single one. Thankfully, French compilation artist Luc Bergeron is here. Every year, he sifts through the best of the past 12 months and makes a jam packed year in review video. This year, he made his Best of Web video featuring over 230 clips. The results are beautiful! 


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Dec 052014
How British Christmas Is Different Than Christmas In America

Everyone in America knows to get what you want from Santa Claus you must mail a letter to the North Pole and leave out milk and cookies near the Christmas tree as a thank you. But that’s not how it works in England. Brit Anglophenia explains ten very different things about a British Christmas from an American one in this trending video


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Nov 292014
Harmful Things Flying Does To Your Body

Though it has become an everyday event in our new, technologically advanced world, flying is still an extremely new phenomenon for humans. For thousands of years, humans have dreamed of flying, and now it has finally become a reality. But even with today’s high-tech airplanes, there are still harmful effects to the human body that flying causes. BuzzFeed covers seven harmful effects of flying in this trending video.  


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Nov 262014
Thanksgiving Food Facts

The holiday season will officially begin tomorrow when millions of Americans sit down for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and yams, it’s all so delicious. On that note, John Green of Mental Floss covers a slew of interesting and unusual facts about common Thanksgiving foods in this video. Yum!  


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