Oct 242014
Misconceptions About Food

Everyone knows that MSG is bad for you and causes headaches. But does it really? The FDA has studied MSG three times, and found that it is perfectly safe. Still, people believe MSG is bad and many other misconceptions about food, like that Twinkies never expire. They do. Mental Floss covers this and many other food misconceptions in this video.  


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Oct 172014
Misconceptions You Learned In School

School is where everyone learns basic facts about history, math, and reading. But not all teachers are perfect. Actually, many schools have been proliferating complete misconceptions. Elliot Morgan tears down a few common misconceptions learned in schools in this new video


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Oct 162014
Unusual Wills Are Really Weird

Wills are a way to make sure you’re last hopes and wishes are executed as you want after you pass on. Legally, they are binding and must be followed, no matter how crazy or ridiculous. Want to give all your money to your dog? It’s legal as long as the paperwork is done correctly. John Green of Mental Floss covers 30 ridiculous wills in this interesting list video


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Oct 142014
Brave Sick Girl Explains The Perks Of Going To The Hospital

Being extremely ill in the hospital can suck the spirit of the most upbeat of people. But somehow, Claire Wineland is still able to stay positive. The seventeen year old is sick with Cystic fibrosis, and has been stuck in the hospital longer than any young person should be. Still, she’s able to spin her predicament into a glass-half-full situation, and explains the perks of being in the hospital in this video


Via LaughingSquid

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