Feb 212015
Everyday Things That Are Oddly Satisfying

It’s the little things in life that can bring the most pleasure. Is there anything better than opening a brand new jar of peanut butter or mayonnaise and taking that first perfect scoop? BuzzFeed covers a slew of common, everyday things that are oddly satisfying in this video which has gone viral over the weekend with over two million views!


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Feb 082015
Musician Covers Daft Punk’s Get Lucky In 10 Famous Guitar Player Styles

Daft Punk’s hit single Get Lucky has a funky 70′s vibe that people can’t help but dance along with. But what if other famous guitar players performed the song? How would it sound? Musician Andre Antunes demonstrates what Get Lucky might sound like if it were performed by ten famous guitar players, such as Steve Vai, AC/DC’s Angus Young, Queen’s Brian May, and more!


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Feb 032015
Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

As they say, beauty is the in the eye of the beholder. Today, it seems there is a very specific body type for women that is considered attractive. But it wasn’t always that way. Throughout history, what was considered ‘beautiful’ has evolved many times.

BuzzFeed traverses through history and covers a slew of different body types that were considered the pinnacle of beauty at different times in history in this viral video that has over 15 million hits!


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Jan 052015
What The Voice Actresses Of Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life

Children around the world are familiar with the many Disney princesses. There’s Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, Aurora, Nala, and many more. But few people know the actual voice actresses who give the princesses their life and soul. Thankfully, BuzzFeed has stepped forward to connect each Disney princess with her voice actress in this trending list video


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Dec 152014
Best Of Web 2014 Year In Review

There have been a lot of amazing, funny, crazy, and simply epic videos over the past year. Even we couldn’t feature very single one. Thankfully, French compilation artist Luc Bergeron is here. Every year, he sifts through the best of the past 12 months and makes a jam packed year in review video. This year, he made his Best of Web video featuring over 230 clips. The results are beautiful! 


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