Jun 182015
The Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie

Most adults don’t want to admit it, but cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. Nearly every Pixar film has been a smash hit at the box office with many of their original films winning prestigious awards. In honor of their latest movie, Inside Out, which is already being celebrated as a work of art, How It Should Have Ended teamed up with animator Only Leigh to review the five stages of watching a Pixar movie. Spot on. 


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Jun 152015
Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Toy Story

Most people take for granted that nearly every new animated feature film these days is computer generated. But when the first CGI cartoon came out it was revolutionary. Pixar’s Toy Story truly changed the cartoon game. In honor of Pixar’s latest upcoming film, Inside Out, the movie nerds of CineFix traveled back in time to cover seven things you probably didn’t know about Toy Story


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Jun 082015
The 100 Most Iconic Movie Lines of All Time

Some famous quotes from classic movies are so deeply ingrained in pop culture, many people know the saying and don’t even know what movie it’s from. “Say hello to my little friend,” “Here’s looking at you kid,” “I’ll be back,” and “I’ll have what she’s having,” changed pop culture for ever. CineFix reviews 100 of the most iconic movie quotes and sayings of all time in this new video


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May 212015
David Letterman’s Last Top Ten List Packed With Celebrities

It’s arguable that David Letterman invented the media’s modern obsession with lists. The Late Show on CBS was known for David’s sarcastic and witty top ten lists. To end his late night show with a bang, David had a slew of celebrities help make his last top ten list one to remember. Naturally, it has instantly gone viral!


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May 112015
The Different Types Of Car Radio Singers

One of the best parts about summer is going on a road trip with friends. It’s just junk food, soda, and awesome music for hours. Musician Chad Neidt has been around the block enough times to know that there is more than just one type of person who sings along with the radio. In fact, there are 15 different types of car radio singers. Which one are you? 


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