Mar 172014
Twins Lip Sync Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door While Going For A Drive

Remember the adorable couple who went viral singing Frozen‘s less popular song Love Is An Open Door? That original video stands with over 5.5 million views!

After watching the cute viral video, Josh Goldfarb and his twin brother were inspired to make a similar performance of their own. Instead of their daughter, they mom sat in the backseat with a stern look on her face. 


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Mar 112014
Adorable Parents Lip-Snyc ‘Love Is An Open Door’ While Driving

Finally! Sure, we all love Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman, but there are many other great songs in Disney’s new feature film Frozen

Self-proclaimed ‘good looking parents’ Samuel and his wife actually like the movie more than their daughter. The two lip-sync the less popular tune Love Is an Open Door while going for a drive with their toddler daughter, and are perfectly adorable. 


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Feb 262014
Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Have A Lip Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon has held lip sync battles on his Late Night show before. And as he has been demonstrating, he’s bringing all of his best gags and skits from Late Night to The Tonight Show. 

Last night, Jimmy brought the lip sync battle back, and challenged his guest Paul Rudd to a duel

Naturally, the video has instantly gone viral. 


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Jan 052014
One Picture A Day For Three Years To Create Lip Sync Stop Motion Queen Music Video

There have been countless artists who have gone viral taking a photo of themselves over years time and compiling the pictures into a mesmerizing time lapse video. 

Matt Perren has taken the concept to the next level with his latest project. 

Since 2011, he has been taking a photo a day, but instead of just putting the pictures together in a simple time lapse, he somehow created this video of himself lip syncing the Queen classic Don’t Stop Me Now

It’s not perfect, but still quite impressive. 


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Oct 232013
Amplatz Children’s Hospital Performs ‘Brave’ Music Video

Hospitals are sterile, somber places and children’s hospitals are no exception.

To bring some brightness and cheer to the Unit 5 floor, the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital commissioned this music video covering Sara Bareilles‘ hit single Brave

Doctors, nurses, and of course the patients all performed in the lip dub video to show how brave they really are. 

In just two weeks, the video has gone viral with over 675,000 hits!


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