Dec 052013
Oh Come, Emmanuel Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Kuha’o Case

Popular violinist Lindsey Stirling teamed up with self-taught blind pianist Kuha’o Case for her latest music video. 

Together, they perfectly blend their talents to cover the timeless classic Oh Come, Emmanuel.   


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Sep 272013
Pokémon Dubstep Remix With Lindsey Stirling

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling collaborated with equally admired music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider to bring Pokemon into the new century musically.

In honor of the two new Pokemon games X and Y, Nintendo helped the two recreate the classic Pokemon theme song into a violin-dubstep remix

Nerd approved. 


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Aug 092013

Legendary YouTube musicians Lindsey Stomp and Peter Hollens both waited until the last day of YouTube Geek Week to debut their rocking collaboration music video to close the nerd party with a bang. 

Together, Princess Leindsay and Jedi Peter musical traverse through the Star Wars saga. Darth Vader even makes an appearance. 

Naturally, the new music video has instantly gone viral into the weekend. 


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