Dec 042012

To celebrate the upcoming debut of The Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, on December 14, The Hillywood Show made this humorous parody music video.

While Bilbo Baggins was resting alone in his Hobbit hole, he was visited by Gandalf and a rowdy group of Dwarves. Being in a party mood, they cranked up LMFAO‘s club-tastic single Shots, and got crunk with a little Lil’ Jon

Just over the weekend, the new music video has amassed over 115,000 views


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Nov 272012

NSFW Warning – Language

Remember the 2003 mega hit single Get Low by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz? 

Well,  brought it back nearly ten years later with a surprise acoustic cover of the dirty club song in an unsuspecting coffee shop. 

When sung so soft and sweet, the lyrics are much easier to decipher, making his performance that much more out of place. Latte drinkers couldn’t help but laugh once they realized what they were listening to. 

Dan is now competing for the best soft acoustic guitar cover of a club song with Ra-On, the group who covered Gangnam Style acoustically

The music video is going viral after being featured on TheDailyWhat, Reddit, and MostWatched


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