Jan 122015
How To Take A Slice Of Pizza Without Leaving Any Evidence

It’s a geometrical puzzle. How can you steal a piece or two of pizza from a pie without your friends realizing that your hogging any? If you simply take a slice it’s obvious that someone took a piece. Thankfully, Dave Hax explains how to solve this predicament in this video


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Dec 012014
Holiday Life Hacks To Make Your Holiday Easier

Ironically, the holiday season is known as the most stressful time of the years. It’s supposed to be a joyous time, relaxing with family and friends. But instead, it often becomes a difficult time for everyone. Thankfully, John Green of Mental Floss has stepped forward to demonstrate a bunch of life hacks to make your holiday season that much easier. Of course, like most life hacks online, the tricks may or may not actually work effectively. 


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Nov 212014
How To Cut Rope In An Emergency

Rope and string is always good to have on hand for an emergency. But what if you have to cut the string or rope shorter, but have no knife or scissors. Well there is nothing to worry about. Life hacker Dave Hax has come forward with this quick trick to cut a rope shorter by using… more rope! Ingenious! 


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Nov 132014
Phone Tips For The Modern Age

We live in a new world where smartphones are now more popular than land-line phones. So when we say phone, we don’t mean that ancient brick plugged into the wall in the living room from the 1970′s, we mean the smartphone that everyone is using, OK? Tripp and Tyler offer some more common sense phone tips for the modern age in this new clip, such as what to do when your call gets disconnected. 


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Nov 122014
Sliced Banana In The Peel Trick

Here’s a fun trick to shock and amaze the young ones. Using a pin, poke a hole in the center of a banana and wiggle it side to side. Continue this technique down the length of the banana. When you peel the banana, kids will be blown away when they see the banana is apparently pre-sliced. This trick by Dave Hax has gone viral with over half a million views!


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