Jun 102015
Man Demonstrates His Ingenious Wood Chop Trick With Tire

Chopping wood is already difficult enough, but when the log flies every time you strike, it can make the process even more grueling. But Brad has a trick that makes chopping wood a piece of cake. Simply place the wood inside of an old tire and chop away. This way the log stays put and you can easily chop it into small pieces. This video has gone viral with over 600,000 views!


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May 122015
Levitating A Screwdriver With Compressed Air In Slow Motion

Ben of Night Hawk In Light recently saw a short clip of a man apparently making a screwdriver float. No, it wasn’t a magic trick, he used an air compressor that blew high pressured air around the screwdriver to make it balance and, yes, float in midair. Ben decided to try the trick out for himself and record it using a slow motion camera. So cool!


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Mar 172015
Homemade Microwave Popcorn Is Better Than Store Bought

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Microwave popcorn is easy, convenient, and delicious, but it can be pricey and who knows what kind of chemicals they put in those bags. Thankfully, Grant Thompson explains a super easy and cheap way to make popcorn in the microwave at home with very little fat or sodium and no strange chemicals.

Just toss your kernels in a paper bag with a touch of oil and salt and zap it! Who knew delicious microwave popcorn was so easy??


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Mar 032015
You’ve Been Eating Bagels Wrong Life Hack Parody

The Internet loves a good life hack. But these days, most life hacks are simply click-bait, an attempt to get you to watch a pointless video all for glorious advertising revenue. And that annoying, smug look the host always make, it’s beyond infuriating.  

Murderbot Productions is sick of these life hack videos, so he made this hilarious parody. Do you ever enjoy a bagel and cream cheese? Well you’ve been doing it all wrong! 


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Feb 082015
How To Quickly Peel A Hard Boiled Egg With Just A Glass of Water

Hard boiled eggs are great for breakfast or a healthy snack. But peeling the shells can be a huge pain. As every late night infomercial says, there has to be a better way! Well now there is thanks to Micah Media. They demonstrate how to easily and quickly peel a hard boiled egg with just a glass and a splash of water. By shaking the egg in the covered glass with the water, the shell slides right off with no fuss or mess. Genius!

This how-to life hack already has over 5 million hits!


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