Oct 192014
How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand

Most people can’t draw a circle without the help of art tools if their life depended on it. But life hacker Dave Hax is here to help. In this latest viral video, Dave demonstrates a great trick to draw a nearly perfect round circle with just a piece of paper and a pen. Bet your friends you can draw a perfect circle and amaze them. 


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Oct 012014
Testing Money Saving Life Hacks

 The Internet has a huge obsession with life hacks and saving money. As a result there are countless ‘hacks’ out there that claim to save you cash on everyday rituals, such as cleaning or making coffee. But do they actually work? John Green of Mental Floss tests a few popular life hacks on his show to see what passes and what fails.


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Sep 092014
How To Make Life Better

Life hacks are an extremely popular category on the Internet. Who doesn’t love to learn a trick that can save them time, space, and money? Of course, most of these tricks are utter nonsense. Comedians Tripp and Tyler poke fun at the world of life hacks in this new video, How To Make Life Better


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Sep 062014
Unconventional Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

You’re about to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine, but then, to your horror, you discover that you can’t find a bottle opener. What do you do? Thankfully, the foodies of Food Beast have an answer.

In this new video, they demonstrate 10 unconventional ways to open up a bottle of wine. Cheers!


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Aug 272014
How To Cut A Pineapple Hack

Pineapple is a delicious and healthy snack, but cutting it up is such a pain! This street vendor has obviously been cutting pineapple for a while, because he has basically become a pineapple ninja. Watch as he perfectly cubes an entire pineapple in just one minute with ease!


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