Jul 302014
Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon Is Genius

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy some cold, juicy, sweet watermelon. But cutting up a watermelon isn’t so simple. It can be a downright pain. This Blew My Mind has found a genius clip of an older man demonstrating his trick to slice up a watermelon in just moments. After just a few slashes, the man has a bag full of cubed watermelon ready to enjoy. 


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Jun 292014
Guy Puts On Pants Without Using Any Hands

Talk about a useless skill. Chinese YouTuber Now 夠了沒 is basically the Superman of pants. Watch as he puts his pants on without the help of his hands or arms in less than a minute! Naturally, the Web is very impressed with his trick. This video has instantly gone viral with over 350,000 hits!  


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Jun 272014
potato drill

Remember the viral video of a cook peeling an apple in just seconds by using a power drill? That video has over 620,000 shares on Facebook! Now, Leo Morten Lund has just taken the power drill trick to the next level. Instead of peeling a bowl of potatoes one at a time, he simply attached a scrubbing brush to a drill, and scrubs the skins off of the potatoes in seconds! Genius!


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Jun 062014
Girl Demonstrates Trick To Recover Sunken Canoe

It’s a perfect time to go boating or canoeing now that the weather is warmer. But be careul, canoeing isn’t that easy. Even if you are experienced, it is easy to tip the canoe over. So what are you supposed to do when your canoe is sunken, full of water?

Thankfully, this little girl demonstrates a trick to fix this problem. By balancing on the edges of the boat, she tips it back and forth to slow but surely splash all of the water out. Impressive! 


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May 102014
Seven Simple Photography Hacks

These days every schlub with a smartphone and an Instragram account is a photographer. But there’s more to being a good photographer than just having a good camera and lens. Photographer magazine COOPH divulges seven secret yet simple photography hacks for the masses to hone their photography skills in this instant viral video. Over the past week it has amassed over one million hits!


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