Apr 272015
John Oliver Discusses Cheap Fashion Made Overseas

Today, it’s accepted that nearly all clothing is made overseas. From t-shirts made in Haiti to jeans made in Bangladesh, we’re used to seeing the names of a slew of poor countries on the tags of our clothes. In the 90′s, sweatshops and child labor was a hot topic. But today, not so much. John Oliver brings this serious topic back into the spotlight in this latest segment


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Apr 252015
Jimmy Fallon And Chris Pratt Sing Hilarious Nonsense Karaoke Of Uptown Funk And Stay With Me

Jimmy Fallon and his celebrity guest Chris Pratt performed some very special karaoke on The Tonight Show. Instead of singing a regular version of Uptown Funk and Stay With Me, the two performed ‘nonsense‘ versions of the songs with ridiculous lyrics.

The results are hilarious.  


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Apr 242015
Jason Alexander Re-Records Costanza’s Message for Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings, famous from 2 Broke Girls, is a huge fan of Seinfeld. She even copied George Constanza’s famous answering machine message for her voicemail greeting. So Kat was thrilled to have a sit down with Jason Alexander on The Late Late Show with James Corden. James even convinced Jason to re-record a special voicemail message for Kat.  


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Apr 222015
John Stamos Announces Full House Is Coming Back On Netflix

Everyone’s favorite uncle, Uncle Jesse, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live with some very exciting news. John Stamos announced that Netflix is creating a new Full House series with many of the original cast members. Naturally, the Internet was very excited to hear this news and this video has instantly gone viral.   


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Apr 202015
John Oliver Spoofs CNN’s Doomsday Video

The news media has recently learned that CNN commissioned a ‘doomsday’ video years ago to air only if the world is really going to end. John Oliver was intrigued by this but was let down by how boring the video was. So he teamed up with Martin Sheen to make a truly epic doomsday video that is more fitting to be the last video to ever air on the news. 


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