Mar 072014
Waking Someone Up With A Laser Pointer And A Dog Prank

This video posted by HappenNow03 has gone viral over the week, and stands with over a quarter million views!

The silly clip features a woman who uses a laser pointer to entice her husky dog to wake up her boyfriend.

What a genius trick!


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Jul 292013

Tim Roman posted this video nearly a year ago, but it has only gone viral now. While camping with his buddies, they decided to whip out their array of Wicked Lasers and point the beams of high intensity light at the campfire. What resulted was impressive visual effects reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. 


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May 302013

This week old video by laser obsessed Styropyro has gone viral this week, scooping up over half a million views. The laser tech demonstrates his Homemade Lightsaber which pumps out 3000mW of power. 

The beam is so strong, many objects instantly burst into flames after just skimming the focused light. He even admits the laser is stronger than he is comfortable with, but wanted to please the web. 

Obviously, the Internet is pleased as the video is still going viral, appearing on UpRoxxVideoSift, Discovery, Gizmodo, and Google+.


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Nov 062012

This video by  was posted online in June, but has only started to trend now. Cats chasing laser pointers is a common genre online, but this video takes the concept to the next level. 

After outfitting a tissue box with a GoPro camera and a laser pointer, TTCdirecktor pulled his homemade contraption across the floor to capture stunning slow motion action of his kitties attacking the laser dot. After adding Enter the Grinder by William Werwath the art piece was complete. 


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May 182012

While shopping at a local toy store in Steinkjer, Norway,  and his friend stumbled upon a one of a kind holographic Lego Star Wars toy display

A battle scene was set up with Legos like any other display, but it also incorporated music, holographic lasers, and even holographic characters. 


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