Oct 282014
Police Helicopter Tracks Down Person Who Shined Laser At Them

Laser pointers are great tools for professors to use during lecture, but they are also dangerous. A laser pointer shined in someone’s eye can really damage their vision. For some reason, idiots like to shine laser pointers at airplane and helicopter pilots. This is extreme dangerous as it completely disorients the pilot, and can cause a crash. But if you’re going to shine a laser at a pilot, you might want to make sure it’s not the cops. 

One fool at a party actually shined a laser at a West Midlands Police helicopter. The police uploaded this video taken from the copter when cops on the ground identify the culprit. Amazing how good the image is. It’s like Enemy of the State. This clip has gone viral with over 1.8 million hits!


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Sep 012014
Cat Goes Crazy With Cat Laser Pointer On Head

You can get a donkey to work all day by tying a carrot to its head to hang right in front of him. Alex Burkovskiy tried something similar with his cat. Instead of entertaining his cat with a laser point, Alex simply tied a laser pointer on top of the cat’s head. The cat spent all day playing alone trying to catch the laser dot. This video from January has only gone viral now with over a quarter million new views!


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Mar 072014
Waking Someone Up With A Laser Pointer And A Dog Prank

This video posted by HappenNow03 has gone viral over the week, and stands with over a quarter million views!

The silly clip features a woman who uses a laser pointer to entice her husky dog to wake up her boyfriend.

What a genius trick!


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Jul 292013

Tim Roman posted this video nearly a year ago, but it has only gone viral now. While camping with his buddies, they decided to whip out their array of Wicked Lasers and point the beams of high intensity light at the campfire. What resulted was impressive visual effects reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. 


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May 302013

This week old video by laser obsessed Styropyro has gone viral this week, scooping up over half a million views. The laser tech demonstrates his Homemade Lightsaber which pumps out 3000mW of power. 

The beam is so strong, many objects instantly burst into flames after just skimming the focused light. He even admits the laser is stronger than he is comfortable with, but wanted to please the web. 

Obviously, the Internet is pleased as the video is still going viral, appearing on UpRoxxVideoSift, Discovery, Gizmodo, and Google+.


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