Feb 182015
Giant 3D Face Hologram

This video by Vital Vegas is from last summer, but has only gone viral now with over 250,000 new hits! The clip features a giant 3D illusion of a face found at the Center Bar inside SLS Las Vegas. To say the hologram is trippy is an understatement. 


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Jan 072014
Michael Bay Walks Off Stage During CES 2014

Michael Bay is well known for his outrageous action blockbusters, but public speaking? Not so much. 

During a Samsung promotional speech at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Bay’s teleprompter failed. He became so flustered, he simply apologized and walked off the stage. 

Now, countless copies of this embarrassing clip have exploded across the web. 


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Nov 262013
Cat Jumps From Burning Building

This news clip was published online over a year go by 8 News NOW | KLAS-TV, but it is trending again now. 

During a raging house fire in Las Vegas, a group of on lookers noticed a cat cowering on the edge of a second story balcony.

They screamed for the kitty to jump who obviously couldn’t understand them. Nevertheless, the cat’s instincts finally kicked in, and it jumped (hopefully) to safety. 


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Nov 052013
Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari Social Experiment

Remember Vitaly’s Gold Digger Test where he asked a girl out, and only after being turned down did he reveal he had a sweet Lamborghini? The girl quickly had a change of heart, and failed the test. That video managed to amass over 26 million hits!

While visiting Las Vegas, the boys of TrueStory ASA tried a similar prank by asking girls out on the street next to a Ferrari. 

Will girls put their plans on hold to impulsively hop into a super expensive car of a stranger? 


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Nov 042013
Dr. Spock Steals The Show During Drunk Girls’ Street Party Dance In Vegas

Who knew that Spock was so smooth?

Jocifer G was on Fremont St. in Las Vegas when a bunch of drunk girls were “trying to show off” and started an impromptu dance party. 

But when Spock unexpectedly took to the dance floor, they all shied away, so another woman took the chance to dance with the famous Vulcan

“Daaaamn! Vulcans get down!”


(The fun starts around the one minute mark.)


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