Mar 132014
Toddler Answers Mom’s Stranger Danger Questions In The Cutest Way

Stranger Danger. It’s not just an American phenomenon.

In this adorable video coming from South Korea, a mother tries to teach her cute toddler daughter what to say if confronted by a stranger who offers sweets and fun.

The thing is, her daughter seems more interested in the cookies and fun than saying no. 

So cute!


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Jan 312014
South Korean ‘Watch Me Eat’ Online Trend Will Have You Asking WTF

There are a lot of outrageous online memes and trends on the Western Web, but South Korea may have us beat. 

Reuters reports there is a new trend in South Korea where girls post videos of themselves gorging on feasts. Some girls have quit their jobs as they make more money posting ‘watch me eat’ videos which are viewed by thousands who say they enjoy the company while eating alone. 

“Some say it makes eating alone less awkward.”

This new report has gone viral with over 450,000 hits!


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Dec 302013
Mean Cat Keeps Blocking Second Cat From Food Bowl

Even though there are three bowls of food, this mean orange cat won’t allow his feline friend to enjoy any dinner. Every time the white cat takes a few bites, the orange cat pushes the other away.

Could this be Garfield in real life?

Korean YouTuber Funfunmv couldn’t help but record the ridiculous interaction, and now the video is trending. 


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Dec 052013
Taekwondo Inspired ‘Ringa Linga’ Music Video Dance Cover

Korean martial arts group K-Tigers covered Taeyang’s new K-Pop hit single Ringa Linga by incorporating what they know best into their choreography. 


What results is a one of a kind martial arts inspired dance video that has gone viral.  


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Nov 042013
Korean Postal Worker Makes Box Like A Boss

YouTuber Simon And Martin A Bonus opens this video from 2011 that is trending again now with, “You’ve seen boring unboxing videos, how about a cool boxing video?”

He then records a Korean postal worker build a custom box from a sheet of cardboard to perfection “like a boss.” 


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