Mar 242014
Sleepy Kitten Adorably Tries To Stay Awake

Sleepy little kitten Oscar can’t decide if he wants to go to sleep or stay awake. But once his human friend Brian gives his a comfy elbow to rest his head, he simply can’t resist the restful Z’s. 

His cuteness has made him a viral video star, garnering over 200,000 hits over the past week. 


Via 22Words

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Mar 052014
Kitten Adorably Wiggles Ears While Drinking From Bottle

Polly, the two week old kitten, is simply precious. But when she drinks from her bottle and then wiggles her ears–OMG–she is simply too cute to handle!

YouTuber Brianna actually posted this adorable video in 2008, but it trending more than ever now.  


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Feb 222014
Rescued Florida Panther Kitten Is Adorable

Florida Fish and Wildlife discovered a lone, week old Florida Panther kitten. The poor little guy was cold and listless, so they decided to rescue the tiny kitten as it would not survive without medical intervention. 

Thankfully, the kitten turned out just fine. 

Too cute!


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