Jan 222014
Cat Searches Behind Computer Screen After Kitten Video Ends

This cat video by Pomona2006 was posted in 2012, but has resurfaced after being covered by DailyPicks and LaughingSquid.

Priya the cat loves to watch kitten videos on her human’s computer. But when the video ends she seems very concerned that her tiny friends have apparently vanished into oblivion. She intuitively searches for them behind the computer monitor.


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Jan 202014
Dog Teaching Puppy How To Descend Stairs VS Cat Teaching Kitten

This hilarious comparison video posted by srwacr has gone viral.

The video seems to authenticate many stereotypes surrounding cats and dogs. 

First, a dog adorably and patiently teaches a puppy how to climb down the stairs. 

Then, a cat ‘teaches’ a kitten how to descend steps in a very feline way.


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Dec 302013
The Lion King Kitten Edition

The Pet Collective loves to cover pop culture phenomenons with an adorable pet theme. 

They last went viral with their precious pug puppy version of Home Alone

Now, they are trending with this too-cute kitten cover of The Lion King.

In just a week the video has amassed over a quarter million views.  


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