Jan 302014
Kittens Scamper After Mother Cat Fails Jump

These adorable kittens follow their mama all over the room. But they scamper in fright after mom tries to jump onto the window sill, fails, and falls with a thud.

DailyPicks reports that countless copies of the cute clip have gone viral across Russia and Eastern Europe, but this video by Irina Chernokozova is the original. 


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Jan 272014
Finding Nemo Cute Kitten Version

The animated Pixar film Finding Nemo is an adorable heartbreaker. But The Pet Collective has figured out how to make the story even more precious. 

The pet group performed their magic and now viewers can’t help but grin at this parody featuring kittens in place of fish. 


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Jan 222014
Cat Searches Behind Computer Screen After Kitten Video Ends

This cat video by Pomona2006 was posted in 2012, but has resurfaced after being covered by DailyPicks and LaughingSquid.

Priya the cat loves to watch kitten videos on her human’s computer. But when the video ends she seems very concerned that her tiny friends have apparently vanished into oblivion. She intuitively searches for them behind the computer monitor.


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