Nov 102013
Cat Pops Water Balloons

YouTuber Halonoir0 posted this video last July, but it has only gone viralviral now after going exploding on popular Tumblr blogs, such as CallMeMoSugar, AfternoonSnoozeButton, and DailyPicks

After prepping a bowl of water balloons for some summer fun, Halonoiro came home to discover their munchkin cat Khan investigating the bowl of colorful balloons.

Naturally, Khan was shocked after popping a few, and, like any good kitty, quickly grew bored of the new stimulus. 

Just over the past week, the video has amassed over a quarter million views!


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Nov 082013
Tiger Cub Swim Test At The Zoo

This video of zookeepers throwing two tiger cubs into a pond may seem brutal, but apparently it’s for their own good.

As a test to see if the cubs are old enough and strong enough to roam in the outside enclosure, their keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo must test their swimming abilities by tossing the kittens into the water. 

Don’t worry, the cubs pass the test swimmingly. 


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Oct 212013
Hungry Kittens Climb Up Girl’s Leg

These kittens are so ravenous, they take advantage of the jeans of the girl making their dinner to climb up her leg for a chance to get a bite of food early.

There are simply so many kitties in this adorable video by Petsami that the girl can’t keep up with the barrage of hungry cuteness. 


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Oct 192013
Five Week Old Lion Cubs At Oregon Zoo

Sure, kittens are cute and are a serious viral commodity online, but they simply can’t compete with lion kittens! The Oregon Zoo published this adorable video this week of their resident lion Neka’s three precious five-week-old cubs that have stolen the hearts of viewers. 


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