Aug 162012

Dr. Meemersworth is the latest adorable kitten to go viral online. He likes to nibble on your ear when you nap, and  caught the little Scottish Fold adorably munching on his girlfriend’s ear on camera. 

Now, the work week old cute video has over 300,000 hits.


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Jul 012012

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a precious one born with no hind legs? His owners named him after Anakin Skywalker who just so happened to have his limbs cut off and become the most powerful dark Sith ever.

So best to not tease Ani with the ball and feather and just let him have it before he gets too angry and starts Force-choking people. 

The adorable video published two weeks ago by  now stands with 200,000 hits, and is featured on TheSun


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