Jun 042012

This adorable cat video published by  went viral over the weekend, amassing over 120,000 views since Saturday. 

A tiny kitten hiding behind a wall planned on surprising his big brother. But the little tyke was the one surprised when the big cat was the one who snuck around corner scaring him. The Looney Tunes style sounds effects only enhance the cuteness. 

The video is featured on Reddit and Yahoo.



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May 062012

Baby kitten Moses was orphaned almost immediately after birth, but thankfully  adopted him. 

In this adorable video that is quickly gaining traction, Moses is fed kitty formula from a bottle after recently opening his eyes. He chugs a little too quickly and gets the cutest case of the hiccups. 


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Apr 172012

Singer and songwriter Sarah Donner loves to perform for her favorite audience, Lady Peanut, the tiny kitten. Here, she performs her hit Treeline while Peanut tries her best to keep her eyes open. It’s ok, kitty, just rest your head. The video is featured by CBSNews-TheFeed.


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Apr 032012

Marshmallow was born a month ago at just 66 grams! Now, at four weeks old, she is doing much better and has grown seven times since her birth.

So just how small and adorable is Marshy? She is drwafed by a slipper and can easily be held in one hand. The video is shared on HaveYouSeenThis


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