May 112013

In a scene seemingly plucked right out of a cartoon, a man found a kitten on the side of the road with its head stuck in a metal can. And it wasn’t just any man, but the World’s Strongest Redneck.

“There you go baby,” says the man after pulling the can off the kitten’s head. “He’s all happy now. That’s what world’s strongest Redneck does. Walks around saving kitties.”

Ironically the can was ‘Special Kitty’ canned cat food. The cute kitty video is actually from 2011, but has resurfaced over the weekend.


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Mar 182013

This short yet sweet video was actually published by shapiro127 at the end of 2010, but it has experienced a second surge of viewership over the weekend. Just over the past few days, it has accumulated over 125,000 views, and is still trending. 

In the only eight second video, an adorable kitten attempts in vain to stop sliding down a playground slide. It’s an adorable few seconds as the kitten meows and slides down to the end of the slope. 

But only at the end do viewers see a fire pit at the landing! Of course, the fire is just CGI special effects, but still some viewers are irked and shocked. 

Others play along with the joke, like YouTuber Aegisgfx who says, “OMG was the fire ok???” 


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Jan 312013

This adorable pet video by TheSorryGirls has gone viral, quickly collecting over 190,000 hits in one day. Loki the kitten meets Harley the hedgehog for the first time, and is naturally curious as a kitten. Harley, on the other hand, is a little more cautious about his new friend. 


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Jan 042013

This video by MrLennon310 was posted online in 2011, but has started to trend again now, popping up on FuzzyFeelings, TastefullyO, and Reddit.  

Boxers are supposed to be uber violent, and dogs are supposed to just attack kitten at any chance they get. At least that’s what every kid’s book teaches.

But as evident from this trending precious video, not all Boxers are brutal beasts.  


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