Nov 052013
Two Fishermen Help Killer Whale Beached On Rocks

While shrimp fishing, fishermen Jason and Nick of Vonick1 encountered a killer whale beached on the rocks near the Prince of Whales island in southeast Alaska.

Without thinking of their own safety, they immediately jumped into action to help the great predator, pouring water on the exposed dorsal fin, and eventually helping free it after many hours of work. 

The two discussed their amazing experience with RightThisMinute



Extended video:


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Jul 212013

This amazing nature video by Notsuredomus was posted way back in 2010, but is trending now again over the weekend. 

In the incredible clip, a man on a boat has a fun time with a wild killer whale. Together, the two unlikely friends play a game of tug of war with the large stick in the orca’s mouth.


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Jun 122013

Creatures much larger than anticipated interrupting people’s fishing exhibitions almost always results in an explosive viral video. A great example is the viral video of a Bald-Headed Eagle stealing a fish off a fishing line which stands with over four million views

Alaskan fisherman Charlie Barberini is now the newest sportsman to go viral after he and his friends were absolutely stunned to watch an enormous Killer Whale Orca appear and steal their catch at the last moment before reeling it in. 

Now, the new video that debuted over the weekend has gone viral, and is covered further on NPR, AlaskaLife, and ScienceRecorder


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May 082013

Richard and Laura Howard celebrated their 20th anniversary in La Paz Mexico at Costa Baja Resort/Spa. They took a fun boat ride to hang out with the local friendly sea lions, but that was interrupted by a pod of orca killer whales which decided to chase their boat like playful dolphins. 

Now, video of their close encounter has gone viral!


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Nov 052012

‘s friends, Dusty Harpole and Dave Keller, were adventuring in Tutka Bay, Alaska when an absolutely amazing scene of nature occurred in front of them. They watched and recorded in amazement as killer whales swam about their boat.

At the 1:30 minute mark, they noticed a sea otter being chased by the whales. After the whales attacked her baby, the mama otter jumped Onto the boat to escape certain death. 

Once they were safe away from the whales, the otter began to cry over her baby in a truly heartbreaking moment.

The video was posted online two weeks ago, but only went viralviral over the weekend. It currently stands with over 900,000 views


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