Sep 072013
‘Bieber 2051′ Movie Trailer On Jimmy Kimmel

We’ve all been waiting for it for years now. When is Justin Bieber finally going to fall to the sidelines and crash and burn?

Finally, after a slew of negative headlines, it seems JB has finally hit his peak.

In anticipation of his inevitable demise, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest Jim O’heir, most famous for his role as Jerry on Parks and Rec, starred in this mock trailer for the Bieber burn out movie of the future, Bieber 2051.

This movie would make so much if it ever hit the big screen…


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Aug 222013

As is evident by this new Elders React video by The Fine Bros, even America’s seniors can’t escape the hoopla over Justin Bieber.

But thankfully, they’ve been around the block enough times to recognize a vain and empty corporate produced pop star when they see one.

Even the kind old elders can’t help but laugh when Justin is booed or shake their heads when he acts a fool. 

“I need to call his mother,” said one woman. “This is so sad.”

“What’s he gonna be like when he’s forty?” worried one gentleman. 


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Aug 182013

Even those who aren’t fans know more about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber‘s teeny-bopper relationship than they asked for. Thanks mainstream media.

As Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines continues to stand as one of the most popular tracks online, YouTube parody artist Brittani Louise Taylor decided to spoof the popular tune to tell the story of ‘Jelena.’ 


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Aug 022013

Superstar Justin Bieber is again making headlines, and, as per usual, it’s negative press. At one point during his Believe Tour in Newark, New Jersey, a bunch of passionate fans threw objects on the stage. Finally, one girl threw her iPhone just after Justin asked attendees to stop, so he put the phone down his pants. 

Sara Tomlinson, like every other fans in attendance, caught the whole scene on camera. Now, her video has gone viral over the week, garnering over 225,000 hits


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Jun 272013

Jimmy Kimmel Live has an ongoing series where his team interviews passersby on Hollywood Blvd, asking them questions concerning made up events. 

This time, Jimmy sent his crew to ask dedicated Justin Bieber fans what they thought about the teen pop star peeing on the American flag, driving on tires made of baby seal skin, and even being illiterate–all lies of course. 

As expected, the girls can find no faults in their idol, claiming Justin is perfect the way he is, literate or not. 


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