Jun 222014
Guy Hilariously Insert His Dog In Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park? More like Jurassic Bark! YouTuber Alienufosarereal has just made the Spielberg 90′s dinosaur movie better by digitally inserting his dog into one of the classic scenes when the main characters are first introduced to the giant lizards.

A park with giant dogs? Ya, that would make a fortune! 


Via DailyDot

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Mar 082014
Jeff Goldblum Laughing In Jurassic Park Remix

This ridiculous video has gone viral over the past week, and stands with over 210,000 hits.

Any fan of Jeff Goldblum knows he has an iconic, one of a kind laugh. Mr Tabarnaco2 took an early scene in Jurassic Park and made a hilarious, yet catchy, remix from just Jeff’s chuckles. 

Internet, you’ve done it again. 


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Mar 062014
Jurassic Park Raptors Replaced With Cats Is Equally Terrifying

Sure, cats are cute. But giant cats? That’s a little disturbing. 

To demonstrate this fact, We Are Camera Studio replaced the raptors in Jurassic Park with giant, very hungry house cats

Run kids, run!


Via TastefullyOffensive and CuteOverload

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Nov 062013
Looking For Jurassic Park In New York City Prank

As a continuation of their silly Movies In Real Life series, prominent New York City based art group Improv Everywhere sent four of their actors on a Jurassic Park Jeep through Manhattan and Brooklyn in search of the actual Jurassic Park.

They started in Manhattan, and hit up all the famous city parks while asking New Yorkers if they knew where ‘the park’ was. As in Jurassic Park. Duh. 

Finally, they made their way across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn, and found a herd of a single raptor at Prospect Park. 


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Jun 252013

One of the most iconic scenes from the popular dino-movie Jurassic Park is when the heroes speed away in their Jeep from a stampeding T-Rex, often looking back at the approach monster in fear.

Henk Roos experienced a similar situation in real life first hand! He says that after his wedding, he and his new wife went on a game drive in South Africa and a very hormonal giraffe started chasing them. 

He quickly took out his camera to record the tall giraffe chasing after them just like in the movies. 

“You can see how he gets closer and closer after every turn,” he says.

Thankfully, once the giant got took close, the ranger simply banged on his Jeep to frighten it away. 

Though the video was published a month ago, it has only gone viral now, appearing on LaughingSquid, SayOMGHuffPost, and Mirror


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