Mar 152015
Lying Fools Agree With Made Up News About Obama

Jimmy Kimmel loves sending his camera crew to Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles to prove that most strangers will agree with anything you say as long as there is a camera rolling. In honor of the fact that he was hosting President Barack Obama, Jimmy sent his crew to ask strangers about made up ‘facts’ about the president. The fact that so many people agree and lie about nonsense shouldn’t be too surprising at this point. 


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Mar 132015
Liam Neeson Reads A Bedtime Story

Actor Liam Neeson is famous for his dramatic orating abilities. Sprinkle in a bit of dramatic, eerie music and you have a blockbuster action-drama movie. Since Jimmy Kimmel Live airs late at night, Jimmy asked his guest Liam to help out any parents with kids still up by reading a bedtime story to put the little ones to bed. 

You’ve never heard Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed until you’ve heard Liam Neeson read it.  


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Mar 132015
President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

Celebrities reading mean tweets has been one of Jimmy Kimmel‘s most popular segments. Countless episodes of ‘mean tweets’ has gone viral, featuring sports stars, actors, and singers. But Jimmy will have to close the series after debuting this most epic of all episodes. 

As President Barack Obama was visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live, Obama made his very own mean tweets episode. It’s no surprise this video has instantly gone viral! Of course, Obama didn’t read any really mean tweets as those would no doubt not be safe for television. 


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Mar 042015
Jimmy Kimmel’s Update on the Anti-Vaccination

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel went viral when he posted a hilarious clip of doctors very bluntly telling parents to vaccinate their kids or to get out of Dodge. That video has over 4 million hits! But not all of Jimmy’s viewers were pleased with the message and tweeted him. 

But that’s OK, Jimmy took their outrageous tweets in stride. To poke fun at the anti-vaccination people, Jimmy sent Jack and Becky to the streets to ask parents to give their kids the right to choose whatever. The right to not be vaccinated, to eat candy until their barf, you name it.


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Feb 282015
Doctors Have A Hilarious Message For Anti-Vaccine People

It was only 100 years ago when children and young people died from diseases like polio and the measles. Thankfully, those destructive viruses have nearly been eradicated in the West. But they are making a resurgence! And it’s not because the vaccines don’t work. 

It’s because ignorant parents aren’t vaccinating their kids anymore because of misinformation they find on the Internet.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is shocked by this new trend which is especially prevalent in Los Angeles where he lives. So to finally put an end to the misinformation, Jimmy rallied together a group of real medical doctors to offer a very special message for the anti-vaccine people. 


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