Feb 262016
Movie Stars Read Mean Tweets

The Oscars are this Sunday. Is your favorite movie star nominated for an award? In honor of the 88th Adamey Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live invited famous movies stars to read mean tweets fans posted on Twitter. Brutal as always. 


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Feb 252016
Gordon Ramsay Really Doesn’t Like Girl Scout Cookies

Back in the day, Girl Scout Cookies were made at home by girl scouts and their scout leaders. But today, like nearly everything else, the cookies are now mass produced in a factory. While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live, world famous British chef Gordon Ramsay tried some of the cookies for the first time. He was not impressed to say the least. 


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Feb 162016
Musicians Read Mean Tweets

In honor of the Grammy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel invited a bunch of famous musicians to take part in his most popular series on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We’re talking about Mean Tweets of course! This episode is a blast as usual.


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Feb 032016
George Clooney And Jimmy Kimmel Recreate E.R.

Back in the 90’s there were two hot comedies, namely Seinfeld and Friends. But there was really only one medical drama that everyone tuned in to. E.R., starring George Clooney. As George was guest starring on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the two brought the show back to life, if only for a short period. It’s alive! 


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Jan 132016
Local News Lists Events That Are More Likely Than Winning Powerball

Did you buy a ticket for tonight’s drawing? The entire country has Powerball fever. And for good reason, the jackpot is at a record 1.4 billion, with a ‘B,’ dollars. What most people don’t realize is that the Powerball commission did this on purpose by recently making it much more unlikely to win. You’d think less people would play because it’s hard to win, but the opposite has occurred, as the prize keeps getting bigger and bigger and the mania surrounding the pot only grows. 

The local news loves talking about the jackpot mania. They especially love listing outrageous events that are more likely to occur than winning the jackpot. 


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