Mar 252014
Yiddish Klezmer Cover Of ‘Talk Dirty’ Is Unexpected

Is there anything less Yiddish than rap music?

Still, Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox was somehow able to merge the Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz hit rap single Talk Dirty with vintage Klezmer-style Yiddish music.

“Klezmer” is of course the music style of traditional Eastern European Jewry. Vocalist Robyn even threw in some authentic Yiddish into their performance.

The resulting cover song is interesting to say the least. 

“‘Get Klezmer on it.”



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Jan 202014
Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Monologue On SNL

Canadian rapper Drake is truly singular. His mom is Jewish and his father is black making him a rare hybrid of cultures.

He proudly touted his unique heritage while opening for Saturday Night Live on NBC this weekend with a bar mitzvah rap.

“I play ball like LeBron, and I know what a W-2 is.”


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Oct 142013
Rabbi Brothers Perform ‘The Sound Of Silence’ On The Rising Star

A new musical talent show television series from Israel is quickly dethroning the likes of The Voice, and is already set to debut in France and Germany

The singing competition is the first to allow viewers to vote for their favorite stars live during the broadcast via a special app.  

Now, this unexpected clip of two rabbi brothers performing the Simon and Garfunkel single The Sound of Silence is trending, and is further promoting the new show around the world. 


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Sep 152013
The Jewish Hunger Games

In honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Jon Rudnitsky made this Yom Kippur-themed parody of The Hunger Games, appropriately titled The Jewish Hunger Games.

As Jews fast for 25 hours during the serious holiday, the connection between The Hunger Games becomes obvious.

Over the weekend, the video has managed to collect over 400,000 views! The video is also featured on Gothamist, HyperVocal, and HuffPost


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Sep 052013
Anthony Weiner Argues With Jewish Voter In Brooklyn

Anthony Weiner is in the spot light again! And again it’s not for good news.

While visiting Jewish constituents in Brooklyn before the Jewish New Year in anticipation for the New York Mayoral election, Weiner engaged in a heated argument with a Jewish voter at a kosher bakery. 

After making small talk with bakery customers, one shopper yelled at Weiner for embarrassing the community. Quickly, the two began to argue in front of all the shoppers and cameras.

Now, the video caught by Brooklynite Jacob Kornbluh has exploded online, garnering over 450,000 views in less than a day. The story is also featured on MSNBC, TheHill, Mediaite, and NYMag


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